Pretend Daddy

A StaticTitle1
I’m all about duty. To my country, my best buddy and now my little boy. I’m a single dad to a little boy I never knew existed until I got home. I don’t know anything about raising babies, the only thing I know is that I need a nanny.

That’s when Ashley walks into my life. Her sweet curves and soft lips threaten to distract me, but I am duty-bound, I won’t cross the line.At least until I can’t resist the way she looks at me any longer. It’s more than the way she feels in my arms, it’s the way she’s making this house a home.

And then the rug is ripped out from underneath us. Our pretend family is no more. But I’ve never backed down from a fight. I’m going to make us a forever family. $0.99 on Kindle.

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