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We get it. You’re on a budget, or you just don’t like paying for books. We’re not here to judge you or give you financial advice. We’re not even going to tell you that it might be time for you to get a side hustle. Nope.

We’re just going to tell you that we built this site for you, Mrs. or Mr. Free Book Hunter. Here’s your jumping off point to load up on free books.

Why do some people like free books? Here’s why: All of us are cheap when it comes to some small things in our lives. For example, your humble editor here does not like to pay $30+ for a haircut or $5 for a soda at a restaurant or $30 for parking at the ball game. These three things get him in prickly, foul mood. And yet he will happily pay $8 for a single-origin chocolate bar or $18 for an Audiobook he wants to listen to. It’s not rational. But we’re all stuck with the things we are cheap about.

So Free Book Hunter, start saving your hard-earned cash for other life necessities, or for one of your indulgences. Check back frequently for newly added free books.

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