Pandemic Purgatory

Pandemic Purgatory is a collection of pandemic dating vignettes, advice, and just insane true dating horror stories. Take these lessons to heart, or just marvel at the suffering of others. Romance, dark humor, hapless victims, and lessons learned, all in this fun collection. Real dates (with names, places, and some pronouns changed to protect the guilty) are followed by insight and analysis, and then three stories imagine how some of our protagonists could have become so -unique. $6.99 on Kindl... [Read More...]

Big Bad Baby Daddy

The Billion Dollar Baby Daddy. You’ve got to be kidding me. But nope, that’s what the world calls him. He’s the king of baby products and yet, he’s a bachelor who isn’t good with babies at all. The man is scared of children. However, that’s where I come into the picture. Fixing things, people, and situations is what I do for a living. And I’m the best. The problem? The hottie doesn’t want my help. In fact, the sexy, charm-your-pants-off billionaire with the tailored suits and a ... [Read More...]

Free: Winning the Cowboy Billionaire: A Chappell Brothers Novel (Bluegrass Ranch Book 1)

She’ll do anything to secure the funding she needs to take her perfumery to the next level…even date the boy next door. Except Spur Chappell is no boy. He’s six-feet-two-inches of pure muscle, devilish grins, big hands, and loud laughter. Oh, and did Olivia Hudson mention his money? He’s got a ton of that too. As the oldest son in the Chappell family, it’s up to Spur to lead his brothers into the next generation of raising and selling championship racehorses. He lo... [Read More...]

Free: Sinners Take All

Francis Nightshade’s assignment is to travel to Scotland, find a shroud brought to Scotland by the Templars in the 14th century, and discover who is murdering scholars also looking for the shroud. It’s not in his plans to marry and bring a wife along with him, but when he meets Violet Frost, that’s exactly what happens. ... [Read More...]

My Fierce Second Chance

Gillian and I were supposed to get out of this town together But I fucked up and she left me behind I’ve spent the last twelve years trying to prove she made a mistake I got my shit together and built the top home security agency on the east coast Now she needs protecting, and I’m the only one she can turn to “Would you cover for your cousin if he did something wrong?” she asked. “No.” “Even though he’s your cousin?” “No matter who he was.” “What if it was me?” I pushe... [Read More...]

Daddy’s Secret Baby

Get ready to lose yourself in these four steamy stories featuring irresistible heart-of-gold daddies. Four delicious Daddies for everyone. Don’t let them wait… Her Naughty Rich Boss “When a man meets the one, he just knows. I’d heard it before, but never believed it.” Daddy’s Best Friend “Seeing Karen again, I knew I was in trouble. My best friend’s daughter was all grown up.” Housemates with Benefits “As soon as I met Mona, I just knew. I never believed in ‘love at fi... [Read More...]