Free: Cowboy Reckoning

Intent on proving her brother was murdered a decade ago, Ensley Cartier returns to the one place she vowed to never set foot in again. With the whole town against her, she finds an ally in Levi McGannon. He loves the land and the ranching way of life, but they quickly discover Cattle Cove isn’t the innocent town he once believed and somebody wants Ensley buried along with their secrets. Free on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Damaged Hearts

I met Luna when she needed me the most. But the beautiful woman wasn’t the only one seeking salvation.I knew I wanted her the moment I saw her. Fiery red hair, piercing emerald eyes, and the body of a goddess. Luna’s a dancer with a troubled past. She’s undeniably charming. She’s inexperienced in every form of the word. I crave to take away her innocence. She’s a small town girl, and I’m a Navy Seal from the city.The odds are against us, but that only fuels my desires more. We’... [Read More...]

Drifting (Book 1)

Dr. Nadia Markoff leads the scientific community in the study of a new metaphysical phenomenon known as Drifting. It is a form of astral projection that can see into the recent past, present, and future of an individual and has become a hot topic in the world of science. Drifters, as she calls them, are able to project their consciousness elsewhere while they sleep. After an unexpected incident occurs during her live demonstration, she meets Thomas, a young and handsome walking contradiction to... [Read More...]

Free: Retrace

A former FBI agent. A Brazilian dancer. Two souls haunted by ghosts of their past. One looking for retribution, the other for atonement. Both seeking solace. A solitary existence is all they know, until fate brings them together. Mutual attraction leads to the perfect pact that will keep them safe. No commitment, just friendship and sex. But nothing in life is risk free. When suppressed emotions emerge, a seemingly impossible decision has to be made. Do they fight their growing feelings or retr... [Read More...]

Detective Lion Shifter

Innocence and cynicism collide when two shifters from different worlds face the same terrifying evil. I never thought that I would ever leave my home in the shifter world. My focus in life is to care for the people in my pride land. When my sister went missing, I crossed into the human world and found danger, destruction and death. I was introduced to Nick, who could help me find my sister. Lion shifter, detective. Born and raised in the human world. He made the butterflies jump in my stomach t... [Read More...]

Julia’s Dream Life

Julia, a talented girl with a soul-melting smile, is a dreamer like many of us. She dreams of a successful career and finding the love of her life. With neither on the horizon, she takes a gap year, and moves from the English countryside to New York to teach dance. A string of humorous adventures follows. But will the city of dreams deliver? $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

One Wild Weekend with Dexter

After a string of failed romances, I’ve given up looking for my knight in shining armor. Now I have to fly solo to my little sister’s crazy wedding. Trouble is, the groom has disappeared, and there is only one person who can help. Even if it means getting in more trouble, sexy pilot Dexter proves to be what I need in and out of his cockpit…$0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]