Free: The Every Stone

On the planet Precios, gemstones can cure everything from heartache to heartburn—unless you’re one of the children doomed to Devil’s Crown to mine them. All Yrund wants is to get back to her beloved home in the Sky Country, but escaping the powerful Mining Wield will take more than just courage. Especially when Yrund accidentally steals the only living stone found in centuries. Journey into a rich new world where wonder and peril are never far apart—a tale of poetry-loving pirat... [Read More...]

Free: Uncommon Enemies Boxed Set

Ready for Four International Romantic Suspense Action Adventures from USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Fiona Quinn? Fill your kindle with four high stakes adventures, each with a romantic twist! WASP Zoe knows the secrets, now they’re coming for her. Relic Digging For The Truth Can Be Deadly Deadlock He’ll Risk It All To Keep Her Safe Thorn Thorn has met his match ... [Read More...]

The Betrayal

Five years ago, I lied. I lied and almost sent an innocent person to prison. It was unforgivable. Now my parents have sent me to live with my aunt where I’m enrolled in a private school nearby where I encounter Rory Remington again. When I was twelve, he was my best friend and my twin brother’s best friend, but now he hates me because I’m the one that nearly sent his brother to prison. He promises to make me pay, he promises to break me, he promises to exact his vengeance for what I did t... [Read More...]

Unbroken Threads

USA Today Bestseller for fans of Jodi Picoult. “A terrific debut, and so very timely. With smart writing and compassion, Klepper offers us a look into the hearts of two women: a Syrian immigrant hoping to find a home in the USA, and the volunteer lawyer whose work brings a second chance at life not only to her client, but to herself as well.” — Julie Lawson Timmer, author of Mrs. Saint and the Defectives $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Xavier and the Bully

Xavier confronts in his new school the class bully and outsmarts him. Xavier confronta con sagacidad a el matón de la clase en su nueva escuela y le gana. When the roof of their old school fell in, Xavier and his friends are transferred to a newer school at the edge of the city. They wondered if a group of Spanish speaking kids from the farmlands of the west county would get along in the new place. $12.95 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Ethaze and the Shadow Court

Eleven-year-old Ethaze always believed her mother had died when she was little and that her father had abandoned her. When her Grandfather passes away, she learns her mother had been traded to the Fae. Leaving her village to rescue her mother, Ethaze discovers the existence of an uneasy truce between men, Fae and the Gods over the planes of existence. The Order of Gafannon, a sect of blacksmiths trained in the old ways, are mankind’s protection against the Fae, providing the iron which di... [Read More...]

Blind Search

Former Army MP Mercy Carr and her retired bomb-sniffing dog Elvis are back in this sequel to the page-turning, critically acclaimed A Borrowing of Bones. It’s October, hunting season in the Green Mountains and the Vermont wilderness has never been more beautiful or more dangerous. Especially for ten-year-old Henry, who’s lost in the woods. Again. Only this time he sees something terrible.$1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]