Free: The Adventure of the Notable Bachelorette – A New Sherlock Holmes Mystery

THE ADVENTURE OF THE NOTABLE BACHELORETTE. A NOBLE ENGLISHMAN ASKS SHERLOCK HOLMES TO HELP FIND HIS MISSING AMERICAN WIFE. THE NEXT DAY, HE IS DEAD AND HIS WIFE CHARGED WITH MURDER. A blue-blooded snobbish English lord comes to 221B Baker Street. His much younger wife, a beautiful, independent American, has vanished and he knows she has been kidnapped. Sherlock Holmes has to find her. Three days later a terrible crime takes place and the wife is accused of it. Now she seeks the help of Sherlock... [Read More...]

Quadruplets for the Mountain Man

“Did you say FOUR heart beats?” The father of my babies is a war hero. Beautifully broken mountain man. And my brother’s best friend. Basically… the one I’ve wanted since adolescence. I can’t even process the fact I’m having his babies. Four babies!!!! Ground Rules of our Arrangement: #1. Absolutely NO emotions. #2. ZERO attachment whatsoever. #3. If you have questions, repeat rules 1 and 2. It’s safe to say I’ve totally screwed this up. $0.... [Read More...]

Kick*ss Content Marketing: How to Boost Your Brand and Gather a Following

This book is an easy-to-read marketing powerhouse that is packed with content marketing ideas, principles, and years of content marketing expertise, bundled up into a single, profoundly simple and actionable, plan. Inside this manuscript, you will learn how to: – Determine if content marketing will benefit you from the get-go. – Define content objectives for your unique business needs. – Choose the best formats for your content. – Create an effective content creation str... [Read More...]

I See You

I see you. As Paxton launched into his new endeavors, he finds himself in the sights of a serial killer. Forced to play a part in the killer’s deadly games. Paxton enlists the help of his friend, FBI agent Blake Wilder. But when she gets caught in the killer’s trap. Paxton must do everything to survive, outwit the killer, and save his friend. To win this great and deadly game Paxton will have to go down a dark path. A path he vowed long ago to never walk again. The game has just begun. The d... [Read More...]

Marriage Manual: How To Have a Perfect..,Great,..Good, uh, Lasting Marriage

The key to a lasting marriage is simple. All you have to do is marry the right person. The question is how can you tell if the one you have chosen is the right one? Marriage is a four-letter word…LOVE. If some other four-letter word came to mind then you need to read this book. Is your mate right for you? If you have to get a divorce will you know what to do? You will after reading this book. Is the person that you love, just a good lover or will they be a faithful and dependable spouse? ... [Read More...]

Light of Or’Dre Crystal

  “My name is Crystal. I’m a loving, hard-working mother from Miami, Florida. I’m sharing my story on how my earthly life was over in one day, a day I planned to give my youngest an exciting birthday party, but ended up a horrific disaster. Instead of cake and ice cream, we found ourselves on a trip to a planet called Lamarea. In Lamarea, our new lives began with new challenges while adapting to a world with underlying evil waiting to erupt. And it did almost killing me.&... [Read More...]