Free: Malalas Mission for the World

Embark on an inspiring journey with Malala Yousafzai, the brave advocate for global education, in ‘Malala’s Mission for the World.’ Follow her courageous fight for girls’ rights to learn and discover the power of one voice to spark change. This captivating children’s book celebrates bravery, resilience, and the unwavering belief in the transformative power of education Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Interviewed in the Writer’s Room

Your next favorite slow-burn, sweet, contemporary romcom! Kayla Martin has never met a person she couldn’t help. There is no situation she cant fix, no project she cant manage, no mess that she cant organize. She’s built her entire career around rescuing others with efficiency and effort, scaling up the job of personal concierge to a team of dedicated, happy helpers tackling Texas-sized tasks with a smile. How May I Help You isnt just her company’s name, its her own personal m... [Read More...]

Soul Chatter

Most of us begin life as a carefree dance. As young children, we do exactly what we desire, unhampered by the opinions of others. But all too soon, something changes. Whether it’s a singular, emotionally damaging event or a repeated chipping away, at some point, we surrender. We let the voices and demands of the people around us become louder than the whispers of our own heart. At that exact moment, we no longer recognize our Soul Chatter. Re-becoming fluent in Soul Chatter is the thorny ... [Read More...]

Single Dad’s Naughty Nanny: A Billionaire Boss Romance

He’s a billionaire single dad with a body to die for. The fact he’s ten years older than I am is an even hotter bonus, but theres a catch. Im a nanny by trade, but an aspiring actress in my dreams. While one might assume a man with a child is a mere detail, it’s a dealbreaker for me. Jimmy screams bad boy at first glance, but getting to know him reveals he’s anything but. He’s the picture-perfect man. The perfect father. The perfect partner. The perfect everything.... [Read More...]

Free: A Fair Knight Slain: Murder at the Renaissance Fair

A knights brutal death exposes political intrigue and romantic rivalries at a Florida Renaissance fair. Detectives Sara and Ryker are worlds apart. She’s a former wilderness adventure racer; he’s overweight and never left the city. Both are dealing with their own past traumas and estrangements. If the case goes unsolved before the fair ends in nine days, their boss will lose the mayoral election to a drug lord. The village setting bustles with colorful Renaissance costumes, music, a... [Read More...]

Free: Discovery

DA Harris Torrington is ready to take the next step in his political career, running for governor. Then he crosses paths with Ashe Bristol, the new Houston Texans quarterback. They look exactly alike. To find answers on why they look similar, Ashe asks his friend, Sunee Miller, for help. Sunee, an MD with a PhD in molecular genetics, is baffled. The two men are unlike any genetic pairing in existence. While trying to solve the mystery, Sunee and Harris fall for each other. But the more they unc... [Read More...]

Free: Keeper of the Algorithm

Once a misfit dropout, Mike now controls the fate of man versus machine As technology’s grip tightens, a haunting question emerges: Does anyone hold the reins of the omnipotent Algorithm? Assuming another students ID in a crowded exam room, Mike’s journey takes an unexpected turn when a stern figure declares, “I am Jacob Winters. Welcome to the AI career placement test. Today, we will discover which of you represents the pinnacle of human genius.” Delve into Keeper of th... [Read More...]

Sworn to the Orc

Sarah has been bound all her life a spell cast on her during childhood keeps her from talking to strangers or having romantic relationships. But when she’s drawn to Hidden Hollow, a gruff and growly Orc helps her unlock the mystery behind her strange dilemma. Can the two of them free Sarah from her enchantment? Or will the family curse hovering over her head get them both killed? $4.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]