The Goodfellow Project

Do human beings have the ability to be morally good? Dr. Nathan Ross had the perfect life. A beautiful wife, a house in an upscale part of town, lifelong friendships in a city he loved, and a promising academic career on the rise at a prestigious University. But after his wife has an affair with his best friend and his job is ripped away from him, Nathan encounters an eccentric billionaire named Henry Goodfellow who leaves him pondering a peculiar question: What if the human race could start ov... [Read More...]

Above the Ashes

New, award-winning paranormal romance. Kirkus Reviews Awards & Accolades verdict: “Get It” Can a modern-day vampire stop a 17th century witch from murdering the descendants of those who tried to kill her during the Salem Witch Trials? A supernatural, bloody affair in the grip of a darkening world. A struggle of love and against demons. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Lost at Sea: Summer Sirens Romance Kindle Edition

Delvin doesn’t believe in mermaids, and he certainly doesn’t believe in love. But his family’s business is based on them. Tired of his family’s expectations, and loads of bad memories, Delvin decides to leave his old life behind to sail the world. Thats until a rough sea sweeps him overboard. He’s facing certain death, but someone unexpected comes to his rescue, and… she has a tail. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Tarnished Son

This is a nice, quiet town with good people. Things like that don’t happen around here. But they do. In THE TARNISHED SON, a tourists death, an alluring young teacher, a fathers carnal desires, and a stepdaughters vendetta ultimately destroy a village dynasty. The respected Clark family has governed Williams Bay since 1837. On a hot August day, seventeen-year-old Liam causes a tragic boating accident. What happens next infidelity, drugs, theft, and more deepens long-hidden cracks in the f... [Read More...]

Free: The Christmas Quest

It’s the holiday season and all Lori wants to do is ignore it. After her daughter died and her husband left, the spark of Christmas has been snuffed out. But can a series of letters from her estranged husband reignite the flame of hope and love in her heart? When Paul realizes his mistakes, he sets up twelve Christmas Questsa series of letters and dates designed to win back his wife to amend for the pain he inflicted. Will he succeed? Or be forced to face a lifetime without the only woman... [Read More...]

Free: How to Make Money Online with ChatGPT – Fast & Simple

This action-packed, hands-on guide shows you 22 proven and easy AI Side Hustles and exact business models to build more than $10k/mo passive income! We start with a questionnaire to help you determine which AI Side Hustle is best for you! Every method is laid out in clear detail from the business model, overall strategy, the required AI tools (ChatGPT & co), detailed how-to-steps to start and scale and the 10 best ChatGPT prompts you will need. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Not Like All the Other Boys: My Unplanned Journey Into Faith and Identity

Set against the backdrop of life-changing events such as the Calgary Winter Olympics and the heartbreaking loss of a close friend, the authors story dives deep into the moments that forever changed his thinking and reshaped his life. Witness the evolution of a unique soul, as Ringness navigates his way through adolescence, same-sex relationships, and the complexities of newfound faith. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Her Millions Are Worthless

Jane is a beautiful, young, intelligent, and wealthy woman searching for true love. By luck, she meets Bill, a poor but proud young man glued to his cell phone for hours every day. Despite her initial doubts, Jane falls in love with Bill, and soon, they can’t wait until they text each other daily. But when Bill begins to suspect that Janes millions are dirty, the young couple is caught in a web of curious questions, evasive answers, and financial secrets. Will their love be strong enough ... [Read More...]

Crimson Shifter

As an immortal, elite hunter with the ability to shift into any animal I like, Im an expert at sneaking around. But I never thought Id have to pose as her pet. Cassandra Zorin is the elegant, sexy, vampire daughter of a traitor. She’s as trustworthy as a pit viper, despite her claims of innocence. And when the king orders me to pose as her beloved pet panther while she infiltrates her heavily warded family estate, I cant say no even though I think we’re as likely to kill each other ... [Read More...]