Avoidant Help Workbook

Dismissive avoidants often have big difficulties opening up and forming relationships with others. Individuals with this attachment style often closes up, rarely revealing their true feelings while pushing away potential relationships. If you feel this might resonate with you or someone you know, this workbook will provide you with exercises to overcome your inner barriers. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Bond of Brothers: Our Stories, Our Legacies

In this sequel to their memoir, Two Jersey Brothers, Bob and Nick Finamore recount stories from their adult lives. It’s all here – Together at Paterson Central High School, Bob’s football success, Nick’s aviation adventures, Bob’s U.S. Army and teaching years, Nick’s music and AT&T careers. Their brother-to-brother storytelling takes you inside their lives, from training with the New York Jets to saving dolphins at the Jersey Shore to comforting their 102... [Read More...]

Free: True Crime Trivia 2

Explore more of the dark and fascinating world of true crime with this well-researched trivia book. In this companion to the #1 ranking True Crime Trivia, podcaster and author Michelle Tooker takes you on a journey through some of the most notorious crimes in history. With 300 questions and answers, you’ll test your knowledge of everything from serial killers to cold cases, unsolved mysteries to white-collar crime. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


This is a book to give hope and encouragement to all single or small groups of people who are facing seemingly impossible odds. In the words of an Amazon customer: “I am someone who has always accepted that as a sole voice or part of a small number of voices, I cant do much to change the world. How wrong could one be? This truly remarkable story proves that with passion, perseverance and belief, a small group of people can achieve the seemingly impossible. And what this small group of peo... [Read More...]

Portrait to Landscape: A Landscape Strategy to Reframe Our Future

Portrait to Landscape: A Landscape Strategy to Reframe Our Future is a ground-breaking book that calls for a transformative shift in our relationship with the natural world. Written by a renowned landscape architect, this book offers a new perspective on our place in the world and a compelling vision for a regenerative future. In an era plagued by environmental disasters and global challenges, the book argues that our exploitative and fragmented relationship with nature is at the root of these ... [Read More...]

Find & Follow: Reduce Supervisor Burnout & Improve Employee Performance by Transferring Knowledge Faster

Does your business feel chaotic? Are supervisors burnt out from constantly answering questions? Are employees stressed out because they are afraid of making mistakes? Its probably because your business is relying on tribal knowledge. In Find & Follow: Reduce Supervisor Burnout and Increase Employee Performance by Transferring Knowledge Faster, Greg and Jonathan DeVore present a framework that allows directors, supervisors, trainers, and business owners to escape their reliance on tribal kno... [Read More...]

Free: Short German Stories for Beginners: Learn Beginner German With 20 Exciting Tales! (Easy German Lessons) (German Edition)

Learning a language often seems like a daunting task, especially when looking for engaging and accessible reading material. Working through difficult materials or dry textbooks can drain your enthusiasm and slow your progress. Welcome to our book, where 20 fascinating short stories are waiting for you to enter the world of language and culture. Designed for both young and adult learners, it offers an exciting journey into the German-speaking world. Each of the 20 short stories has been chosen w... [Read More...]

Been Scammed??

Becoming a victim of a scam is so debilitating and many times there is nowhere to turn to. It is very important for victims of scams to know what to do, so as to be reimbursed by the banks. Many people are not aware of the Contingent Reimbursement Model (CRM) Code to which 315 banks have already signed up to. The contingency reimbursement model the banks have signed up to, indicates that banks reimburse victims of fraud and scams. I hope this book helps to put some calm to your horrific situati... [Read More...]