Be A Pro: Your Blueprint to Professional Level Achievement

Your Blueprint to Professional Level Achievement is not your typical business, self-help, or personal development book full of the latest success hacks or breakthroughs in the world of psychology and neuroscience. Instead, It’s the story of how Jimmy Farris, a kid from a small town with a big dream, went from being an underdog to a Super Bowl Champion by doing the “basics” at an extraordinarily high level. At the age of 10, Jimmy wrote down a goal to one day play in the NFL. Thirte... [Read More...]

Morning Habits For Super Charged Productivity

Being in the right mindset is the key to unlocking your greatest productivity, and all that you need to do to maximize your capacity is to reset your mind and train it to achieve supercharged productivity! So, how do you start? Just as your day does—in the morning, where you can power yourself up with a routine that is guaranteed to help you achieve more with the least amount of brain effort. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Coding Interview Insights

If you’re a computer programmer or coder who constantly messes up at interviews and has trouble landing the job of your dreams, then read on: This book could change your life—and move your career into top gear! Interviews are never easy. And if you’re applying for a coding job, the interview process is harder than most. Not only do you have to answer all those tricky questions about yourself and why you want the role, but you could be asked to come up with complex algorithms on the spot o... [Read More...]

Ah, Brain, Why Do You Trouble Me So Much?

Happiness and balance can often feel just out of reach. While we strive to build the perfect home and enjoy our work and a thriving family, often the first sacrifice is our own heart and body. External expectations can bury our authentic self, causing disconnect between our inner and outer world. Create harmony between your inner and outer life by harnessing the power of your thoughts, emotions, and energies—without fighting circumstances or changing your surroundings! With a practical method ... [Read More...]

241 Real-World Brain Teasers: Guided Problem-Solving in Inventions, Nature, Uncommon Trivia, and Business Innovation

Challenge yourself to figure out creative solutions to real-world problems that have led to important inventions, discoveries, and innovations throughout history! Do you love trivia quizzes…but wish these didn’t rely so much on useless facts that you simply either know or you don’t, leaving no room for actual thinking? Do you enjoy mental puzzles…but want to come away with something more valuable than just getting the right answer to abstract, theoretical problems? Something... [Read More...]

Screaming for Pleasure: How Horror Makes You Happy and Healthy

It hooks you with unnerving fiction stories of dread and evil, pushes your limits and pokes every phobia. People love to be scared but behind every dark mythology and muffled scream is something deeper and even more fascinating. Screaming for Pleasure thrills you with the diversity, beauty, and depth of the horror genre, dissecting films, literature and music that reveals how horror constantly reinvents itself and reflects the anxieties of each generation through spine-chilling tales of terror. ... [Read More...]

Self-Publish & Succeed: The No Boring Books Way to Writing a Non-Fiction Book that Sells

Writing a book can be one of the smartest moves for your business success. But you need more than writing skills to create an impressive book that readers will love. You also need a plan to market, sell, and leverage your book into a new level of leadership within your industry to reach your professional goals. In Self-Publish & Succeed, trusted best-selling author and entrepreneur Julie Broad shows you how to write a money-making book that delivers meaningful impact. It’s is your step-by... [Read More...]

The Courageous Ask: A Proactive Approach to Prevent the Fall of Christian Nonprofit Leaders

Christian leaders are falling all around us. Most of us have felt the pain, the betrayal, and the disappointment. From money mismanagement to moral misgivings, even the most devout leaders can succumb to deviations from the path. Almost always, blame lies at the feet of the fallen leader. But how often do those surrounding servant leadership see the signs and refuse to act when something’s amiss—then feign surprise in the aftermath? It’s time to be proactive. With this comprehensive and c... [Read More...]