Make Peace With Anxiety: Manage the Good, Bad and Out of Control

Are you struggling with anxiety and depression and looking to improve your mental health? It is time to make peace with anxiety! Emotions are an essential part of being human—anxiety included. Anxiety appears when the mind determines it is necessary to handle certain moments, situations, or at the perceived appropriate time. However, if anxiety manifests as excessive worrying leading to unreasonable fear, unhealthy behaviors, or physical pain, there is a problem. The good news is anxiety wonâ... [Read More...]

Stop Overthinking

This is the latest, evidence-based guide that will teach you from start to finish how to overcome negative thoughts and overthinking. Learn the latest and most powerful techniques to manage anxiety and calm the mind. Struggle with ruminating thoughts? Stuck with analysis paralysis? Conquer overthinking and bring calmness into your mind. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Dealing With Toxic People

Learn How to Deal With Difficult People and Toxic Behaviors in This Trauma-Informed 3-in-1 Series Compilation: In this complete guide for handling toxic people, Therapist Neela Arnaud offers tips, tools, and strategies to help you recognize, protect yourself from, and end contact with the harmful people in your life (including toxic family members) with confidence, courage, and conviction. This 3-book series was thoughtfully created to help you manage and effectively address toxic, dysfunctiona... [Read More...]

Indirect Work: A Regenerative Change Theory for Businesses, Communities, Institutions and Humans

Make a profound and lasting difference with your life. Start with understanding regenerative change. Combining over four decades of author Carol Sanford’s research and experience with rich traditions of Indigenous and lineage sources and quantum cosmologies, Indirect Work translates living systems understanding into a practical human technology for daily life at home and work. Through foundational wisdom and exercises for self-discovery, this guide will illuminate your understanding of the un... [Read More...]

Free: Coersive Relationships

Coercive Relationships provides a beacon for survivors of partner abuse. Parker’s nonjudgmental, empathic voice offers knowledge gleaned from years of experience. Coercive Relationships lifts the private shame survivors feel by connecting their abusers’ actions to societal values and beliefs that permit all forms of violence. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Waves of Truth

Waves Of Truth is a book of poems and affirmations to awaken the soul. Each poem provides a new vibratory experience that guides the reader towards spiritual growth. This book is my journey from awakening to the present day. The book is meant as a catalyst for spiritual growth, the goal being to ignite the fire that lies dormant. We are all called to serve, to serve ourselves and then the world. Let this be a message to all that would choose the path of service, the true path. As each fear disi... [Read More...]

Free: The Heart’s Call

The Heart’s Call is a self- help poetry book that invites the reader to surrender all senses and follow their hearts beyond the known. Through surrender we step into our purpose and begin to serve the world in our own unique way. This book sets the reader on a journey of self exploration and discovery. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Our Love is the Cure

Spiritual Poetry & Self-Help Affirmations to Aid in the Liberation of a World in Fear “What a masterpiece our cosmos is, from cell to galaxy, there’s oneness in all. How traumatized our minds must get, to stray away from the beauty of the moment. How absolutely magnificent this cosmic dance is, when you can see that love never leaves us. All light and dark are meant for this, for the alchemy of the soul.” – Matt Buonocore Our Love is the Cure is a book of spiritual affir... [Read More...]