Free: The Immense Opportunity: Becoming Powerfully Receptive to Life

What must we do to expand to our greatest capacities? The Immense Opportunity seeks to explore this very question. It dives into the core fundamental faculties of human experience, from mind and perception to society and knowledge. Stimulating readers to deeply contemplate their inner mechanics so a life of optimal existence can be unearthed. ... [Read More...]

Inspired Mama

Inspired Mama is the ultimate mind, body, and lifestyle guide for women seeking to live their best life in motherhood. After reading this book, you will re-discover yourself as a woman in motherhood and learn how to align with the infinite abundance of the Universe. You will also learn how to live by your own unique energetic blueprint, and start intentionally manifesting the life of your dreams. Motherhood is the ultimate balancing act, and freeing the woman within is essential to finding fulf... [Read More...]

The Book of WHY (and HOW)

The Book of WHY (and HOW) is designed to help people discover their passion, purpose, and mission while also leveraging the top habits of the world’s top achievers. Broken down into three sections, The Book of WHY (and HOW) reveals the four WHYs that can dramatically change a person’s life, the shortest path to thriving in a challenging world, and the key to becoming more enlightened in the process. In short, multiple TEDx speaker, Corey Poirier, helps readers tap into their purpose so they... [Read More...]

Affirmations Power Personal Transformation: 52 Weeks of Affirmations to Calm Your Critical Voice, Reverse Negative Self Belief, and Transform Your Life

Dreaming of big changes but unsure how to start? Use Affirmations to power your transformation! When you change the approach to your life, you transform. An affirmation is one sentence said out loud, describing the energy of the new you. Take the first step: Begin your personal transformation now – Add Affirmations Today! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Get That Job! ACE Your JOB Interview – Every Time!

Inasmuch as there is a no one-size-fits-all method to get that job because jobs and interviewers differ. There is a regular pattern to job interview questions and job interview weaknesses. All of the suggestions will work for you if you follow the tips of job interviewing in this book. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Love Loss Light: Illuminating the Path Through Grief

Moving and inspirational. A beacon of hope for anyone struggling with grief. Karen Trench shares a heartfelt story of recovery from the shocking and traumatic loss of lifelong love. In the Spring of 2015, Karen Trench was enjoying life as a happily married wife to a charming, loving, and supportive husband. From the outside looking in, most would agree that Karen was truly living the ‘good life’, complete with a home in the Colorado Rockies and a loving partnership that knew no boun... [Read More...]

Dear Me

Have you ever been told, “Be a good person, work hard, spend your money wisely, treat people well, and life will be fair and generous”? Has it all worked for you? If not, you’re not alone. I wish someone as ordinary as myself could have told my younger self that sometimes life is tough and it is okay, I’ll be fine, that I could find peace with all the wrong around me and be unapologetically happy about being my, well, ordinary self. If you pick up this book to seek some life... [Read More...]

The 60 Minute Startup: A Proven System to Start Your Business in 1 Hour a Day and Get Your First Paying Customers in 30 Days (or Less)

If you’re ready to finally start a profitable business and dump the bad business advice that keeps you confused, overwhelmed, and broke, The 60 Minute Startup is for you. The secret is ”agile entrepreneurship”—the new way to entrepreneurial success. Agile entrepreneurs do only activities that attract, close, and keep customers. Why? Because if you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business! In the tech industry, the agile approach made possible the Airbnbs, Instagrams, and Uber... [Read More...]

Free: In Trouble with Coffee: 4 Steps for Controlling Consumption in the Workplace

Do you feel that coffee has taken control over your work life? Would you like to make coffee consumption a good and healthy habit in the workplace? This step-by-step book will show you how to effortlessly control coffee consumption in the workplace through: 1) Identifying the reasons you consume coffee in the workplace 2) Exploiting your mind’s full potential 3) Replacing a bad habit with a good one 4) Applying simple everyday tricks to your normal routine. ... [Read More...]