Signs: We All Could Be Better Parents

SIGNS is a nonfictional novel showing the effects of anxiety, depression, and peer pressure amongst our youth. A heartbreaking story of an 11-year old girl, written from a father’s point of view. A girl who longs for acceptance from her peers. While battling whether to maintain her morals or let them go to fit in. She’s a true mirror of what todays kids are dealing with in silence. $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Better than Before: A Guide to Living a Happier Life

This guide will help you get out of a mundane, monotonous life, and teach you to live a life that is fulfilling, exciting, and peaceful. Included are more than 60 tools and techniques to help you along your personal development journey. Created not to be binge read, but to read one chapter every day over a 2 month period. This will not take much time each day, but the results will be life changing. Included within the pages are spaces to take notes which allows you to self reflect and grow as a... [Read More...]

The Nobody Bible: Uncovering the Simple Wisdom in Ordinary Life

Bookvana Award winner, NIEA finalist, IBA finalist What happens when grit and humor collide with ancient wisdom and a desire for personal growth? A powerful way to change your life…right now! When a regular guy sought ancient keys to self-improvement and transformation, he found them hiding right in his modern life. If you want to let loose your inner seeker, explore ancient wisdom and spirituality and have a laugh, then take a journey of transformation with no fame, beliefs or ordination... [Read More...]

Conscious Money: How to Master the Art of Sales by Mastering Oneself

Are you frustrated by your current cash-flow? Do you wish to more effectively generate both passive and active streams of income? Can you honestly say you’re doing “all you can” to succeed – and still not seeing results? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, chances are you’re not looking for improvement in the right places. Top millennial sales expert and self-development guru Bauer Doski is here to help. Conscious Money: How to Master the Art of Sales by Mastering Onese... [Read More...]

Free: Today’s Choices, Tomorrow’s Health

A health reboot including: ways to curb your hunger, learn to exercise (My personal blueprints on weightlifting and cardio that helped me lose 25 lbs), ways to strengthen your financial health, 3 types of fasting, reducing headaches, exercises for back pain relief and lessons learned from 5 years in China and 11+ years as a chiropractor. Rebooting your health is intimating to most people. As we make correct choices each day, habits are formed and great health is achieved. This book lays out the... [Read More...]

Free: What’s Up with My Life? Finding and Living Your True Purpose

We are all born with a purpose in life, and when we know it and live it, life flows perfectly. We are meant to live our True Purpose in abundance. What is your passion, and what’s stopping you from living your dream? Practical tips and exercises on how to create a more fulfilling life. Free on Kindle ... [Read More...]

The Happy Mind: A Simple Guide to Living a Happier Life Starting Today

From the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Unlimited Memory comes a new book on finding happiness in life using the power of your mind. Happiness is more than just a feeling—it’s a learned skill. In The Happy Mind, you’ll discover valuable insights for lasting happiness instead of being driven by short-term pleasure seeking. When you master the habits of happiness, your life will be filled with more peace, purpose, and passion. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]