Free: A Journey of Souls

After ten people reach the end of their earthly life they awaken to find themselves in strangely familiar surroundings. In a realm where the past, present and future flow freely in and out of each other without contradiction they encounter a mysterious woman named Brianna who greets them in their soul’s journey. From an innocent child to a vicious serial killer, from a lovingly faithful wife to an unrepentant sex addict, all are directed to a destination woven from the fabric of their own... [Read More...]

Free: Westward Wanderers; Where He Leads

Clean Christian Historic Fiction with romantic elements. Compared to an arranged marriage to the odious Bernard Regent, a prairie schooner on the Oregon Trail doesn’t seem like such a bad trade to Amethyst Kent. When desperate Martha Davis reveals her need for a mother’s helper on the trail, Ami decides to up and leave the pampered life she’s always known for a land of freedom. But trail life is hardly a tea party, and Ami must draw from the deepest wells of her faith to survi... [Read More...]

Regaining Paradise

Even veteran readers of spiritual literature will be delighted and enlightened by Regaining Paradise, by Paul Corson, which celebrates new and age-old wisdom. Corson sensibly reconciles faith and science in a manner both simple and deep, allowing the mind’s eye to perceive new means of understanding the rational and the miraculous. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Little Book of Magical Stories: Finding Traces of the Divine in Daily Life

If God were leaving you messages, what would He say, and where would He leave them? This provocative question is at the heart of this amazing and inspiring book, The Little Book of Magical Stories: Finding Traces of the Divine in Daily Life. This book emerged from the author’s daily life experiences, both grand and ordinary. In this book, Stephanie Vaccaro shares with you 85 delightfully brief, true stories of how the Divine has left messages for her. Some of them were quite serious. Some of ... [Read More...]

The Garden at the Edge of Beyond

A man lies down for a night of sleep and inexplicably awakens to find himself in a surreal garden bursting with fantastic aromas and colors. A succession of “tour guides” come and go, helping him to interpret fragrant messages, each one a clue on the journey to discover his true self, and, ultimately, the Creator of the Country Beyond. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Unleash Your Inner Goddess – Start Living the Life You Deserve

UNLEASH YOUR INNER GODDESS IS THE BOOK FOR THOSE THAT WANT TO TAKE BACK THEIR CONTROL SO THEY CAN START ATTRACTING WHAT THEY HAVE ALWAYS WANTED, AND START CREATING A LIFE THAT THEY DESERVE. This book is simple, yet powerful. It’s an easy read, with strong messages on getting clear how to attract the things that you want into your life, by learning how to take control of your own happiness. If you want to start laughing again, then this is the book you need to read, so you can learn how ... [Read More...]

Free: Ninety Days to the God Habit

If you want to learn a new path, clear, simple, and scientifically proven to a closer relationship with God, then Ninety Days to the God Habit is for you. Isn’t it time to break your destructive, mediocre, boring, existence and get a new life going that works? Isn’t it time you fell in love all over again? ... [Read More...]

The Angelic Realm

The Angelic Realm is a magical and revealing look into the spiritual world that is uplifting and will provide you with hope, comfort and the healing of one’s heart. Become fascinated by the way spirits make contact with their loved ones here on earth as I take you into the Angelic Realm with my visits, spiritual encounters, along with the messages and the signs that are being revealed to me to deliver to others. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]