Black Friday Cyber Monday & Holiday Email Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Stores: Selling through emails from October to December

Do you want to learn the ins and outs of email marketing over the holiday season? Do you want to maximize customer growth and revenue through the busiest time of the year? Learn about effective holiday marketing strategies that can help you grow your business today! Determine how to set brand goals and tailor promotional strategies to your unique audience Optimize existing operations and convert traffic into email subscribers Learn about the different types of holiday marketing strategies and h... [Read More...]

Mission Critical Leadership: Marine Corps Leadership Principles to Transform, Motivate, and Lead Your Teams to Success

As a former Major General in the US Marines Greg Sturdevant shares powerful secrets for success gained from experience in the most demanding environments. Whether you employ ten people or ten thousand, you will find this to be an essential guide for reaching your full potential—and leading your organization to excellence. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Billion Dollar Sales Secrets: Superstar Selling Tips for all Seasons

Billion Dollar Sales Secrets Is More Than a Business Book. It’s The Secret Playbook for Profitable Sales! You will learn advanced tactics, techniques, and the mindset to achieve accurate results. Are you ready for the wealth, respect, and influence most entrepreneurs would LOVE to have? This book is more than a sales or business book; it’s filled with valuable insights. Joe Paranteau is an elite salesperson who generated over a BILLION dollars in revenue – in five years. Today... [Read More...]

Rumpelstiltskin’s Rules for Making Your Farthings Grow

Ready to get a clue about investing and take charge of your financial future? Before you sink a single dollar into the stock market, read ‘Rumpelstiltskin’s Rules for Making Your Farthings Grow’ by Susan Laubach. It’s a fun, painless, and profitable introduction to the world of investing. If terms like broker, bonds, and venture capital cause you to break out into a sweat, fear not! Laubach teaches through entertaining, colorful retellings of fables and fairy tales you already know by h... [Read More...]

The Armchair Real Estate Millionaire: If You’re Sitting There Anyway, You Might As Well Build Your Wealth

Financial freedom with property investment isn’t about owning 100 doors. You want a fun life, not a frantic one! You just need a few quality houses, a couple hours a week, and a comfy armchair. When you’re working a 9–5 and buying property for passive income, risky and overwhelming opportunities can lead to big financial losses and bigger regrets. Real estate should fund your life, not run your life! In Armchair Real Estate Millionaire, investor realtor Michael Dominguez provides the road... [Read More...]

Commercial Real Estate Investing For Beginners: Develop The Strategies, Skills And Methods To Gain Financial Freedom And Earn Passive Income From Your Rental Properties

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE INVESTING FOR BEGINNERS will guide you to develop the strategies, skills and methods you need to gain financial freedom and earn passive income from your rental properties. This book will unlock the secrets of investing in commercial real estate at a nearly ZERO TAX RATE. This means that the properties you acquire are put to work for you, increasing your income in a stable and sure manner with minimal time commitment on your part. Investing in commercial real estate prope... [Read More...]

Make it Rain

Make It Rain is the culmination of decades of hard work, ingenuity, and no small amount of business creativity. Len Fischer, one of the nations leading ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) attorneys, author and founder of Benetrends Inc., a Retirement Services Provider, shares candid stories and advice from his 30 plus years, as an industry leader. Leonard was nearly 50 years old, and down to his last dollar when he turned it around and launched a $20-MILLION dollar business. This bo... [Read More...]

Free: She Sells: The Empathy Advantage

There’s a myth in our culture that to get ahead in sales, we have to be sharks—greedy, manipulative, and only out for #1. As business owners and creatives who lead with heart, that fear of appearing “salesy” stresses us out and holds us back. We assume that spending money is painful, and feel guilty to ask our clients for more. The truth is, today’s trading-up clients are not only willing to spend big, but they secretly want to. And there are more of them in your market than you think... [Read More...]

Habitual Wealth

Harness the power of smart money habits and set yourself up for a lifetime of wealth. Do you often find yourself short on cash in the middle of the month? If you lose your job today, would your savings be enough to keep you afloat while you look for a new source of income? Does thinking about your financial future cause you worry and stress? A survey from Capital One and The Decision Lab reveals that 77% of Americans are anxious about their financial situation, for various reasons. There are fo... [Read More...]