Free: Leveling Up – What your parents (or school) never taught you about living financially well

Personal finance is the bane of many people’s existence but fear not. Leveling Up is a simple financial step-by-step system that will help you get your personal finances organized and, aim to make your life easier. It’s more than just a budgeting book… It goes beyond trying to simply help you become debt-free. The goal is understanding your financial ‘bigger picture’; spending habits, debt, credit, and showing you how to stay the course with strong, tested, and proven wealth-build... [Read More...]

The Happy Mind

Happiness is more than just a feeling—it’s a learned skill. When you master the habits of happiness, your life will be filled with more peace, purpose, and passion. The search for happiness is fundamental for all humans, and the answers lie within the depths of your mind. In The Happy Mind, you’ll discover valuable insights for lasting happiness instead of being driven by short-term pleasure seeking. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Open Secret: A Giant Leap to Success, Prosperity, and Peace

Success is a state of mind. Mental and physical health and personal development go hand in hand. Discover the simple but surprising algorithm that helps you free yourself from all shackles, prompting a shift in perspective and attitudes, and take a bold step on the path to the Best Life. Ashraf Qazi lives and is a renowned oncologist surgeon in Kashmir, the most militarized conflict zone in the world. Open Secret is the story of the author’s own successful experience in such difficult cir... [Read More...]

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SHORT VERSION: Start a NEW romantic relationship with yourself with this life-transforming workbook for millennial entrepreneurs. The author, Yveslaure Goddess, presents an easy, innovative blueprint that helps you enhance your love relationship with yourself in one week. Get excited. You’re about to LOVE YOURSELF MORE than you ever thought possible! LONG VERSION: Start a romantic relationship with yourself with this workbook for millennial entrepreneurs Your love for yourself is about to... [Read More...]

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How to build a highly profitable, kingdom-centered business. The 7 Step System provides the necessary ingredients to building the business of your dreams. This book will give you the Fire, the Framework, and the Fuel to allow your business to Go Vertical! ... [Read More...]

How to Talk to Anyone About Anything: Improve Your Social Skills, Master Small Talk, Connect Effortlessly, and Make Real Friends

Have you always struggled with making small talk and want to stop feeling awkward? Even if you’ve always been the wallflower, with How to Talk to Anyone About Anything you will learn to improve your social skills, master small talk, connect effortlessly, and make real friends — wherever, whenever! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Video Game Careers Demystified: Trifecta of Game Makers, Athletes, and Ecosystem in a Thriving Industry

Written by a video game marketer and consultant who had worked in both AAA game development and indie game studios for over a decade. Come experience the thrills and the ups and downs of this incredible industry – with an emphasis on first-hand accounts of what IT’S REALLY LIKE to develop, launch, and publish video games. Hear first-hand accounts and WORDS OF WISDOM – about how THEY got their starts in the video game industry – from celebrated experts who have worked on ... [Read More...]

Free: F*** The Black Dog: The Gruelling Journey Back from the Darkest Recesses of Depression and the Coaching System It Generated, So Others May Follow

“Coach” Neil Geddes brings decades of personal experience as well as research to the table. F… the Black Dog communicates hard-won insights from rock-bottom experiences in a direct, no-nonsense voice that will resonate with the reader. Personal experiences are related vividly in a visceral manner that will help readers connect therapeutic tools to their own lives. This is a book about adjustments to perception, philosophy, and routine that can be highly effective supplements t... [Read More...]

CROSS THAT BRIDGE: The Effective Guide to Achieving Your Goals and Living a Purposeful Life

Do you sometimes envy high-achievers? Have you ever wondered what they did to attain that level of success? What if I tell you that you could also become successful and achieving your goals fasters than you’ve imagined? What would be your reaction if you get an effective template that will lead you to achieve your goals? Awesome! Right? It is for these specific reasons that Cross That Bridge was written! This book offers you an effective approach and a series of best practices, methodolog... [Read More...]

Intermittent Fasting: The Simplest Guide to Master all the Secrets of Fasting and Losing Weight with Intermittent + Alternate-Day+ and Extended Fasting

Do You Want To Lose Weight Easily And Live Healthy While Still Enjoying Your Favorite Food? If you’re sick of complex diets, calorie counting and tasteless food without reaching your desired goals, there’s an option for you! You should avoid dieting and only adopt INTERMITTENT FASTING, a groundbreaking weight loss program that will help you lose fat, cure your body and live healthy without giving up your favorite foods. Moving into an intermittent fasting lifestyle doesn’t all... [Read More...]