Before the Rib: The Preeminence of Woman/Wombin

All of my life I have questioned the validity of the Adam’s rib story. Why would our Creator have to put Adam to sleep to take a rib out of his chest to form woman? Did not God create the first rib? Why don’t men have one less rib? In the creation story is says “Let us make man in our image? Does it not appear to be a women’s image? Why do men have nipples? Why do newborn boys have a seam where a vaginal opening would be? As if it was carefully stitched closed.

Why does the Bible, in Genesis 1:26, read, “Come let us go and make man”? And, not come let us go and make woman. Could it be because woman/women already existed? Could they be the host of heaven? How is that Mitochondrial DNA can be traced back to the first woman in a female’s maternal line, but a man’s DNA can only prove paternity and cannot trace him to the first man in his line?

Why are women more spiritually inclined? How can woman sense danger looming around their offspring even when they are miles away from them? Are they omniscient, omnipresent? Were the terms woman and women created to support the fallacy of women being formed from a man? Shouldn’t we be referred to as wombin for womb within?

No one could or would answer these questions for me. I was left to come up with the answers on my own. And, I have concluded that God is a Wombin.

Before The Rib: The Preeminence of Woman/Wombin is the answer I wish I had had so many years ago. May our girls and wombin find truth, peace, pleasure and power in the words of these pages. And our boys become men who are good stewards of wombin. For this I pray. $6.99 on Kindle.
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