Who Am I?

Who Am I?: How to Use Myers Briggs, Kolbe, Fascinate, and CliftonStrengths to Fine Tune Your Talents, Advantages, Gifts and Strengths

Have you ever felt going through the motions in life and seeking to discover your identity and purpose?

When you discover who YOU really are, life becomes a lot more defined and makes more sense.

Rather than random happenings of luck or chance, you will do things on purpose.

The momentum will change in YOUR favor and things will flow more smoothly.

By taking the 8 assessments, you will discover your talents, advantages, gifts & strengths (T•A•G•S). You will be able to focus on your top T•A•G•S, minimize your weaknesses and disadvantages, and stop feeling like you are walking with quicksand or skating in mud. You will perform as your best-self most of the time. $2.99 on Kindle.
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