Summer Shores

Summer Shores

Trinity Waters hates the ocean.

But when she’s called out of the blue to help her younger sister, the 41-year-old artist exchanges her eclectic Coyote Moon Commune in the Nevada desert for the sunny shores of Cocoa Beach, Florida. But when she arrives, she finds her sister missing.

Falling in with the tall and charismatic single father Evan Bradley and his eight-year-old autistic son, Trinity begins to dig deeper into her sister’s disappearance – and she unearths a secretive story that’s nothing like what her sister told her. She begins to realize that she knows nothing about her family.

As Trinity searches for more clues, a spark begins to simmer between her and Evan – one that gives her a connection to this magical place and makes her momentarily forget her aversion to the sea. She’s curious to dig into this mysterious and sensitive man’s past… but she knows that if she does, he’ll start asking questions too, and she might not be able to answer them.

Can Trinity find the truth behind her missing sister? And will she stumble upon love on the idyllic shores of this seaside paradise?

Brimming with beautiful emotion and poignant themes of family, building a new life, and finding love at the seaside, Summer Shores is a charming summer read that’s perfect for women who love clean romance in picturesque locations. Scroll up and grab your copy now to start reading! $0.99 on Kindle.
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