Jack the Ripper: Straight for the Jugular

Jack the Ripper:Straight for the Jugular

As the autumn of 1888 drew in, 10 weeks of hell were about to be unleashed on London’s East End. Danger lurked in every corner and women were terrified to walk alone at night, as a bloodthirsty, faceless killer prowled the narrow, gloomy alleyways and thoroughfares. Against a backdrop of poverty, violence, and social injustice, at least five women were murdered with incomprehensible savagery.

Over a century later, the question still lingers – who was Jack the Ripper?

With vivid historical detail and impartial analysis, true crime historian Prash Ganendran brings to life the horrific tale of one of the most infamous serial killers of all time. Offering insight into the lives of Whitechapel’s denizens, the stories of the victims, common misconceptions, and the activities of the police and the press, this book eschews idle speculation, going “straight for the jugular”. $0.99 on Kindle.

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