The world is at war, refugees flock to Pandemonium’s gates and rumours have spread of strange, crying creatures in the lawless wastes that make up a majority of the continent.

Meanwhile, the game of cat and mouse between a law enforcer of bloody repute and the vigilante she follows is nearing its end. For Louise that means her moral sacrifices will finally have some worth. For Damon that means his fear of death and being forgotten may soon be realised.

Pandemonium follows what happens when a third player interrupts their struggle. A crippling, supernatural anxiety that speaks to them of potential futures and their deepest shames. As its claws sink in, our protagonists have no option but to travel on a muddy, twisted journey that forces them to reassess their own ideologies and their relationships with one another.

Through war zones, apocalyptic cities and the remains of golden age architecture they are forced to confront their fears, their failings and the rapidly growing consequences of their mental vulnerabilities. $0.99 on Kindle.

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