The Meaning Of Mischief Night

A lively adventure in the land of the dead Every kingdom has their pests: rats, locusts, flies, and the like. But Zora’s kingdom of Piosanto has a whole different level of pests that must be endured every year: ghosts. These ghosts cause no end of trouble for the people of Piosanto and have left the orphanage where Zora grew up in ruin. Frustrated with seeing her world crumble around her, Zora decides she can no longer stand by and watch the ghosts destroy everything. So, she puts her bud... [Read More...]

The Last Lumenian

Princess Lilla, a rebel-in-disguise, is fighting for the refugee’s freedom. But the arrival of the mysterious and ruggedly-handsome Callum brings news of a bigger battle the Era War that threatens all in the Seven Galaxies. Lilla must learn to control her magic and defeat the dark god before He finds her – the last Lumenian. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

A Practical Guide to Sorcery

In a world where magic is a science, Siobhan is a genius. But even geniuses need schooling. When Siobhan stumbled into the theft of a priceless magical book, she thought her dreams of becoming the world’s most powerful sorcerer were destroyed. But then a mysterious spell changed her life forever… Siobhan is now wearing the body of a strange man and has a new identitySebastien. With a new chance for a new start, she allies herself with a local gangsecretly a revolutionary party fundi... [Read More...]

Secrets of the Catalogue

Emerson Blackwell discovers she can enter the books she reads into parallel universes. Along the way, she discovers The Central Library that publishes the books is banning some books from the Catalogue under the guise of safety. However, a rival faction has begun publishing the banned books even though The Central Library is hunting them down. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Hidden Realm

Ten years after joining with the oracular bookstore Abernathy’s to become an oracle herself, Helena Campbell has a perfect life: a loving husband, three wonderful children who share her gift, and a calling she loves. But a chance encounter reveals a secret conflict between adepts who wield magic unlike anything she has ever seen and a powerful cabal that wants to rule the world. For a thousand years, the adepts have guarded the way to the realm of Faerie, preventing elves from entering an... [Read More...]

Lady Apprentice

Highly recommendedTheres never a dull moment! (Wishing Shelf Book Award Finalist) Her homeland under siege. A dark sorcerer hot on her trail. All the prophecies say Linden can stop him. Who are they kidding? Linden is the worst mage apprentice in her school maybe in the whole country! When raiders ransack her home and steal one thing her portrait she realizes its personal. Grabbing her spell book and pet griffin, she sets out to learn who’s after her and why. Everyone claims she’s t... [Read More...]