Rosehip: A Very Curious Fairy


Meet Rosehip, a very curious fairy responsible for taking care of the rose hip buds and follow her (mis) adventure as she learns an unforgettable lesson in teamwork from a very curious little girl!

Each book in The Very Fairy series follows the (mis) adventures of a fairy carrying out their very fairy duties, and what happens when those duties don’t always go as perfectly as they had fairy planned.

You’ll meet Rosehip, Marigold, Pinecone, Blueberry, and more – all full of very fairy personality and charm! Created for friends and fans of the fairy realm, The Very Fairies are not your ordinary fairies. Quirky, stubborn, curious, and quite particular in their fairy duties, you’ll fall in love with their fairy exploits and find yourself swept away into their whimsical world with colorful, imaginative, and beautiful illustrations by Kristijan Vostner. $1.99 on Kindleamazon buy now

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