Free: The Fly and the Cheese: Say You’re Sorry

Fly hated to apologize. In fact, he had never said the word sorry in his life. Fly finds himself in a hard situation only apologizing will get him out of. What is Fly to do? What does it take for him to apologize? This is an endearing, beautifully illustrated story that children will love to read over and over again. Parents and educators will find many hidden lessons and conversations to build upon while engaging our children in a fun activity! ... [Read More...]

Free: Lu, the Little Ladybug that Was Afraid to Fly

Lu loves her life on a white daisy. But she has a secret: Lu never flew before. One day, a strong gust of wind throws her into an amazing adventure. Will Lu get brave enough to finally open her wings and sore through the air? The story invites a small reader to embrace an unbelievable flying challenge with Lu, to discover a hidden world of bugs, stunning nature, and the art of being brave. This book supports a child’s nature discoveries and love to bugs and nature. Beautiful illustrations and... [Read More...]

Miles and the Moon Cave

Explore An Adventure Full Of Wonder | An Exciting Middle Grade Adventure Book Miles Dobbs is the only child to mining tycoon Thomas Dobbs. Abigail, Thomas’ new bride, is anything but loving and affectionate. The Step-Wolf, as Miles would come to call her, sees to it that Miles is sent to the most remote boarding school for boys in the country: St. Bellmore. Perched atop a winding, cold and windy mountain, St. Bellmore had a reputation for being the finest school in the country, but it was any... [Read More...]

Free: Clumsy Nelson

Nelson, once the clumsiest seal in the sea, is always needing his friends to get him out of trouble. When his friends are trapped, can Nelson find bravery inside himself and save the day? Follow his journey in this modern fairytale to find out. Poor Clumsy Nelson, he’s always stumbling, bumping or crashing in the plastic polluted sea. We all have times where we feel uncomfortable about who we are. Being clumsy isn’t always easy. Nelson is a master in getting into trouble. But when a terribl... [Read More...]

The Snow Pony Mystery

A ride in the snow turns into an exciting adventure when three friends find themselves lost in a wild blizzard. They’ll need more than luck to find their way home safely – they’ll need a touch of magic and help from the mysterious snow pony. But how can the snow pony help them when they’re convinced she only lives in their imagination? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]