Free: The Paths They Walked

This is the story of two friends graduating from high school in 1968, setting out to face the world. Susan, with dreams of becoming a poet, rushes off to New York City in the belief that it is the enchanted gateway to the literary life she desires. Dan seemingly has no direction or plan for his life and stays in their hometown drifting through life. Despite their seemingly divergent paths, their lives do move in oddly parallel directions as they face the issues of their day; free love, drugs, t... [Read More...]

Free: Good Girl

Haley’s job is to keep rockstar Jax Jamieson out of trouble…Not to fall for him. I was hired to work for a legend. Instead, I’m being seduced by a man. When I took an internship on rock god Jax Jamieson’s tour, I never thought he’d look twice at me. He’s older, cocky, jaded, and nothing like the college guys I’m used to. He’s gorgeous, rich, talented, and the biggest rockstar in the world. Too bad I rubbed him the wrong way on day one. Now he takes divine pleasure in making my l... [Read More...]

Dark Secrets (Platinum Security Book 4)

He’s a bad boy in danger. The same man I should stay miles away from. I’ve got no intention of falling in love with Bastian. But he’s taking my heart… piece by piece every single day. I want to trust him. I want to tell him how I feel. But there’s no way our reality will allow that. Bastian is wild. I know because I work for his older brother. Little did I know that I would be dragged into his life. But then he showed up at my doorstep with a knife wound. My jaw dropped to the floor. ... [Read More...]

Secrets My Mothers Kept

“Tucker exhibits mesmerizing story-telling skills in this heartfelt, honest story of love and betrayal…Fluid dialogue and a tightly formatted storyline set this novel aside in a refreshingly unique category all its own.” – Readers’ Favorite Austin Nobel is preparing for a summer trip to France, which includes obtaining a passport. However, when she receives her birth certificate in the mail with the wrong name on it, Austin uncovers that she was adopted. As Austin pursues ... [Read More...]


A page-turning emotional debut in the tradition of Kristin Hannah. Ellipsis is a literary fiction novel that explores the bonds that matter most, and the recovery of the human spirit when those bonds are threatened. The future looks promising and it’s supposed to come easily. Smart, determined and beautiful; college student and art model Nell seemed to be the girl who had it all. A passionate relationship with one of the art students leads to an unplanned pregnancy that threatens to chang... [Read More...]


When I met Riley Giddens I never expected this incredibly sexy man with colorful tattoos, smoldering eyes, and muscular body to own my heart. He’s part of Shattered Souls MC and they are trouble. Riley is careless in life, heartless in bed, and twenty years my senior. Still, I can’t stay away. I’m sucked in by his deep voice, demanding touch, and possessive ways. When Federal Agent McKay shows up at my door, I’m up against a wall. I’m too deep into a world I want to avoid. Riley p... [Read More...]

Jake: Roughing

Jake is a man on a mission…to self destruct, until he meets Elle. Elle I can’t believe I spent five weeks on that basketball player. He breezes by me on campus with the latest flavor on his arm. I broke my rule and deviated from my no-men rule and I regret it. Medical school is my only focus in life. But just before holiday break, Jake, with his award-winning smile and buff body waltzes into my classroom. He acts like an ass. I should have known he was just another jock. I blow him off ... [Read More...]

Dark Sins

Navy SEAL, Hero, Survivor… The moment I met Ryker Flynn, my brother’s best friend, sparks ignited. But, he considered me off-limits, an untouchable angel. Now, 10 years later, he hates me with a passion. Because I am the CIA officer responsible for sending him, my brother, and their elite squad to certain death. Only Ryker managed to survive the doomed op but PTSD and survivor’s guilt have nearly destroyed him. Meanwhile, I lost everything—my job, family, and the respect of the one man ... [Read More...]

Holding (Moving the Chains Book 5)

Every rule has an exception. Tori Russo’s job is very simple—be a pretty distraction for a professional football player with a bad attitude. Her only problem? She’d rather gain some actual marketing experience during her internship than be someone’s arm candy for photo ops. Growing up with a Navy captain father and five older, overprotective brothers, she’s never been allowed to stand on her own two feet. She’s going to prove to them she has what it takes to be an independent adult.... [Read More...]

Child of Emptiness

He will be born in the sixth year, in the sixth month, on the sixth day of the month. The prophecy has been found, and the one who discovered it is crucified in the Coliseum in Rome. An unforgettable tale that spreads across continents to an inexorable confrontation that will leave you wondering when these events will take place? It’s later than you think…$0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]