The Hero Within

He hadn’t a worry in the world until he received a deadly diagnosis. Would one man’s faith get him through the fear? Craig Huber was living the dream. Now a hard-working sales professional with an unswervingly supportive and caring wife by his side, after nearly two decades serving as a full-time minister in Central and South America he knew how blessed his life had been. But when odd physical symptoms sent him to the doctor, his heart sank at the crippling words of his physician: late-stag... [Read More...]

The Intrepid Brotherhood: Public Power, Corruption, and Whistleblowing in the Pacific Northwest

Deep corruption threatened to ruin jobs and harm lives. Intimidation, distrust, and secrecy became the norm among the executive management group of Chelan County Public Utility. Even in a small and semirural American government, corrupt leaders aren’t simply dishonest and immoral. They’re dangerous. A board of directors should hold wrongdoers accountable, but sometimes that responsibility falls to righteous employees. A riveting and relevant memoir, The Intrepid Brotherhood details a classi... [Read More...]

Camel from Kyzylkum

Camel from Kyzylkum is a memoir about the physical, emotional, and spiritual journey of immigrating from the Soviet Union in the late twentieth century. It touches on the themes of hope, struggle, family, and loss, while highlighting the compelling desire for people to focus on freedom and self-determination. Readers will gain a better understanding of how much work and risk people will endure reaching for a better life. Travel from Ukraine to the Kyzylkum Desert of Uzbekistan, from the Soviet ... [Read More...]

Jane Digby’s Diary: To Begin, Begin

Based on a true story . . . Bright, beautiful, and bold, Jane Digby led a remarkable life. Born to privilege in 1807 at Dorset, England, she soon scandalized Europe with her reckless pursuit of freedom. She sacrificed home, family, and respectability for her passions. Kings, princes, barons, brigands, lords, and sheikhs were among her lovers. A gifted artist and musician, as well as a superb horsewoman, she spoke several languages, read widely, wrote eloquently, and embraced all manner of cultu... [Read More...]

Sober Daughter

An empowering account of a lost daughter’s fight for her identity and sobriety—and her mission to help others. Fawna Asfaw felt her life shatter when she lost both her parents to illness. As grief pulled her into a downward spiral of addiction and shame, Fawna had to learn to rebuild her life with a new perspective that changed everything. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

This Is Me Trying: Navigating Through A Lifetime of Trauma

Out of the deep, murky waters of neglect and abuse, Wilsdaryon Prescher used the power of music to find strength and heal, and overcame the odds stacked firmly against him. His book, This is Me Trying, tells the story of a boy who has blossomed into the man he knew he could be, despite the darkness that engulfed him throughout his childhood and adolescence. Through the power of music, Wilsdaryon was able to discover himself after losing touch with who he really was. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Letters: A Lifetime Foreign Affair

The Letters/A Lifetime Foreign Affair is a love story about two countries, two cultures, two lives, and one love. And the authentic portrayal of an ultimate and profoundly satisfying love relationship evolved between the book’s author and her late husband. This powerful story is also a collection of two lovers’ letters, respect for cultures, individual lives, and respect for a union in love. It all begins when a rugged, dashing, and disciplined U.S. Marine Colonel, Hewitt Adams, mee... [Read More...]