College Life of a Retired Senior

A true story of a former bank managers experience as she returns to college in the third act of life to earn a degree in English. Seven years after she retires from the Royal Bank of Canada, ending a thirty-seven-year career, Yvonne Blackwood surprises her friends and family by returning to school at sixty-four. She craves knowledge and is motivated by four powerful reasons. Blueink Review writes: Blackwoods appealing attitude and resilience keep readers turning pages, rooting for her success. ... [Read More...]

Free: Circles in the Wind: A Memoir: Tales from the Rainbow Road

Circles in the Wind is a poetic chronicle of the “back to the land” movement of the 1970s and the counterculture of the late 1960s. The novel documents the wanderings of Blackjack, Red Dawge, and Memphis Dennis across the country, from commune to commune, through hobo camps, and into remote mountain hideaways. From the story of the Rainbow hippies to the loner Houndog Tom and the gardens of Gentle Rain, the novel weaves an intricate tapestry of the life and times of those who sought... [Read More...]

Odar: Jido, A Journey Through Community

Hovsep Karamardian is on the precipice of adulthood. Finishing his education, he awaits a life in the family business that seems to him like a prison. On an errand to market, an unexpected confrontation forever changes him. After living a life surrounded by family and friends in Kessab, he is abruptly forced to travel with his brother to start again in the Americas. Hovsep is odar or other in this new world. Relying on nothing but his own intrepid nature and ability to adapt, he finds work, lov... [Read More...]

The Miller’s Angel Baby

In “The Miller’s Angel Baby,” delve into the intertwined lives of three women connected by love to the same man, each grappling with buried truths. Alexis, maintaining a facade of perfection, faces a cascade of losses leading her to her father’s enigmatic history. This memoir unveils her journey of uncovering family secrets, navigating through grief and betrayal, and finding resilience and faith. Discover a story of confronting past deceptions, forgiveness, and the stren... [Read More...]

Free: Janey and the Miniatures

Matthew and Heath live at Hwits End, an 18 acre homestead beside a river. Over the years they have lived there, a number of cats have arrived and determinedly made their homes there too. One freezing August evening a tiny tortoiseshell with startlingly asymmetrical markings on her face appears through the cat flap, and she is clearly desperately hungry. Matthew does not like cats much but he cant bear to see any creature go hungry so he feeds her and, of course, she moves in. The adventure of t... [Read More...]


“Bipolarized” is a heartfelt memoir that explores the intense journey of supporting a loved one with bipolar disorder. It likens the experience to riding an unpredictable tsunami, capturing the emotional highs and lows faced by families. Through a mother’s perspective, the book offers a deeply personal look at the challenges, joys, and resilience encountered while caring for a son with this complex condition. It’s a story of love, strength, and the indomitable human spir... [Read More...]


Are you ready to charge your soul, break free from the constraints of everyday life, and embark on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery? As an intrepid adventurer and action sports enthusiast, Drex has spent his life fearlessly exploring the world and pushing his limits. From the highest peaks to the deepest oceans, his passion for action sports and world travel has led him to discover invaluable lessons about finding purpose, embracing growth, and realigning his life. Now, Drex invites y... [Read More...]

Observations of America and My Ancestral Past: An Epistolary Autobiography

In 2014, I traveled around the country to inform my first cousins about the new information I had researched about our grandfather on A secondary purpose of the trip was to cross off many items on my bucket list. What happened on the trip is the subject of this book. The trip covered twenty-five thousand miles around the country from Indio, California, circumventing the country in a counterclockwise fashion. What I discovered about our country is its magnificent beauty. From the P... [Read More...]

A Home Called Brent’s Place

“A Home Called Brent’s Place” showcases the journey of a family united in their fight against cancer, revealing the immense power of community support. This book delves into a story of transformation, highlighting how collective compassion and strong familial bonds provide solace and hope amidst adversity. An inspiring read for anyone touched by cancer, it offers insights into creating positivity from loss, the impact of communal support, and the strength found in shared strug... [Read More...]