Taming the CEO

Taming the CEO
A blizzard, a one-bedroom cottage, and one irresistible andarrogant man = A Recipe for Disaster!

Maddox Whitley is the most arrogant man Ive met. He thinks the world revolves around him and everyone else must do his bidding. Hes determined to buy my fathers business, and hes using dirty tactics to get it.
But the Adventure Park is my familys lifes work, and Im defending it no matter what. Even if I have to go toe to toe with Maddox and his infuriatingly sexy swagger. I challenge him every way I know, but then he switches strategies.

Yes, the nerve of the man! He starts flirting with me! Id like to tell you it didnt workbut it does.

Then a blizzard traps us in my tiny cottage, and I see a different side to this business mogul. After I stupidly hurt myself, Maddox surprises me by taking care of me. You learn a lot about someone when youre trapped in a one-bedroom cottage.
The only problem? I only have one teeny, tiny bed and the blizzard showing no signs of stopping

Maddox Whitley’s story can be read as standalone.
enemies to lovers
only one bed
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