The Birth of Joy

The Birth of Joy

What happens when everything you know comes crashing down?

Upon returning home from golf on a rare afternoon free of responsibilities, Dr. Beverly Joyce, a busy and beloved OB-GYN, listened to a phone message that would shake her identity and send her on a life-changing journey of self-discovery. That call would instantly help free her from the hidden doubt, guilt, and shame that had plagued her throughout her life.

In ‘The Birth of Joy,’ Dr. Joyce offers a candid glimpse into her personal and professional life, revealing how she navigated childhood traumas, the demands of being a physician, mother, daughter, and more. Her journey from burnout to self-discovery unveils her path to becoming her true self and finding a deeper calling.

Throughout this deeply revealing and engaging memoir, Joyce attempts to answer the questions so many women physicians have struggled with: Who am I? What do I believe about myself? How do I find meaning and satisfaction in life as a physician and outside? What excites me and keeps me focused on the path ahead?

With honesty and grace in describing her journey, Joyce inspires readers to reflect on their own experiences and to search for and find their most authentic selves. $0.99 on Kindle.
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