Babies in Twinkle Falls

Babies in Twinkle Falls

When Kylee Croft rushed out of Angelcakes Cafe without paying her bill, little did she know the woman who chased, and hired, her could be the key to her pasta past her mum took to the grave.

Raised as an only child in Chantilly, France, by a single mum, Kylee was told that her father had died soon after she was born. While going through her mums belongings months after her unexpected passing, Kylee uncovered the biggest secret of her mummys life.

Traveling to Twinkle Falls, Vermont, in hopes of shedding light on the mysterious photos her mum hid from her, Kylee arrives in the quaint little town broke, pregnant and alone. After being hired at Angelcakes, she hitit off with a slightly older co-worker, Trace Holberg, a single dad raising twin boys by himself. Discovering they have a lot in common, the two become confidants.

While working at the cafe, Kylee forges a friendship with Bridgette Dupont, a successful baker who gave her a job when she desperately needed one. She’s the same woman Kylee believes to be the sister she never knew about, and also the daughter of a father who could be her owna father who is very much alive.

Once Bridgette discovers the real reason Kylee came to Twinkle Falls, an argument ensues and emotions boil over. When Kylee doubles over in pain, Trace rushes her to the hospital where she undergoes emergency surgery.

With Kylees and her babys life in limbo, can they survive the unimaginable? If so, will the truth be everything Kylee hoped for, or will it be yet another defeat for the woman whos lost everyone shes ever loved? $0.99 on Kindle.
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