Free: Children of the Moon Queen: Exotic Matter

Children of the Moon Queen: Exotic Matter

A prisoner inside his skin—Oren Moon makes people nervous.

God, he misses hiding by the river, but time on Earth flows in only one direction, and there’s no going back, or is there?

His new school is a nightmare.

But for the first time in his life, he has friends; one friend because he’s so strange and one friend despite it. He has always wanted to fit in. However, accidentally using his new powers on half of the student body made that out of the question.

With his father missing and his mother injured, he’s stuck with his Ex-CIA grandmother, someone he’s never met. How can he tell his hard-ass grandmother that an ancient artifact of the Moon Queen calls him every night from under the sea, “Come to me, Oren—Come to me.”

If you dream you’re drowning, you hold your breath—even if you’re asleep, you pray it will all end soon.

Could saving his dad’s life open a path to the Earth’s destruction?


You’ll love the “Children of the Moon Queen” series. Its fast-paced action is like the “Percy Jackson – Olympians” YA Sci-Fi series. And its warmth and alien presence are similar to the “Ben Archer – Alien Skill” SCI-Fi series.

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