The John Callahan Series

John Callahan is a good man with a sinister past—and his past will not let him live in peace. Against the odds, he matures from a teenage Belfast street thug and an IRA killer to a happily married man and expectant father. Years later, just as he begins to find peace and serenity again as a monk in a rural Irish monastery, a vindictive superior banishes the handsome young priest to a derelict parish in New York City.

Father Callahan is forced back into dangerous filth, corruption, and crime. Can he remain a celibate priest, or will he abandon the life of faith for more sensual pleasures? Will he stay a good man or return to the dark criminal life he once knew so well?

Within each book of “The John Callahan Series,” Elizabeth Upton shares a gripping, thrilling, suspense-filled fictional story with lots of drama and intrigue. Books one through three are real page-turners for avid contemporary mystery readers.

$1.99 each on Kindle.

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