One Night With Finnbar

Imagine you go to a party with someone you think you know, but really don’t. You have a good time; maybe drink a little too much. At the end of the evening your friend takes you back to your place where that night the unthinkable happens to you. The next morning the police are at your door. They arrest you because a dead body was found in your alleyway. Not so hard to imagine, right? It could happen to anyone. It happened to Finnbar 250 years ago. Martin Atwater has vowed to leave his old way... [Read More...]

Picasso’s Motorcycle

France, 1940. An unexpected gift of an old motorcycle with a tragically romantic past hurls a young orphan into the thick of things as war breaks out and his life changes forever. Half-French/half-German Daniel must find a way to survive in a world that mercy seems to have abandoned. This book transports the reader to Nazi-occupied France, where Daniel unwittingly and unexpectedly finds himself working for the Resistance, and ultimately to the Russian Front in a twist of fate so startling that ... [Read More...]

In the Hall of Mirrors

A collection of short poems that are reflective of life, love, society, circumstances, and understanding. The concept of the book is that every page is like walking up to a new reflection in a wall of mirrors. Each reflection is different from the last, showing a person a different view of themselves. Most these poems were written with deeper meaning and subtext, although, many are straightforward and on the nose. To provide that similar feeling of being in a hall of mirrors, there is no order ... [Read More...]

The Universe in 3/4 Time

From historical Brussels to a Black Forest refuge…From Prague’s ghostly lanes to the high Pyrenees… Join three struggling musicians as they head off across Europe to recover a mysterious World War II piano, a dangerous quest that illuminates not only the fate of the piano’s elusive owner, but also secrets of their art lost in antiquity. A novel of intrigue, mysticism, and a great love forged by war and music. $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]


During Dust Bowl days in west Texas, a country doctor delivers a baby, a so-called “monster,” acceptable parlance of that era indicating a newborn with multiple birth defects. A genre-bending thriller that offers readers a birds-eye view into the rigors of med-school through the lens of a supernatural-tinged, multi-generational drama. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


A burdened old widow. A reclusive young bachelor. A lonely neighbor girl. A collision of fates that transform their lives forever. After tragically losing her only child, then facing her husband’s death two years ago from Alzheimer’s, 72-year-old Mazie questions why God doesn’t take her too. Her grief leaves her aching to join her husband and son in the grave. When Brian, a reserved young bachelor, moves next door, Mazie attempts to set him up with her young friend, Claire. Then,... [Read More...]

Free: Asymmetrical Woman

A woman in a disintegrating marriage, on the brink of having an affair, develops Bell’s Palsy, paralyzing her face, and forcing her to reexamine her marriage, ambitions, and self. Asymmetrical Woman explores the inherent contradictions and dilemmas of contemporary women—the disappointments, compromises and anguish of marriage, motherhood and work. ... [Read More...]

A Distant Horizon

1851 Ireland. After enduring years of a devastating potato famine, Ellen Kittrick is a survivor. Crop failures and a descent into poverty changes her from a happy wife and mother to a woman struggling to keep her children alive. When several shocking events occur, it forces her to make an enormous decision. But will the colony give her the security and happiness she longs for, especially when she has left her heart behind? Can Ellen thrive in a strange land? Or has she made the greatest mistake... [Read More...]

Discovering How Complacency Leads to Government Control by Analyzing Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell

By bridging Marxism and Deconstructionism, this essay proves how Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four parallels the modern-day complacency among Americans. Typically, most will point out the obvious similarities like constant surveillance through screens (phones, televisions, computers), the ever-increasing wage gap between the rich and poor, and the creation of new laws that interfere with our constitutional freedoms. The objective of this essay is to circumvent these themes by first deconstruc... [Read More...]