Long Story Shorties: Custody, Coins, and Conflicts

It’s fair to say we have heard stories about many other categories in the beauty industry hair stylist, barber, and even fashion designer. Now, through events based on a true story, let’s talk about a lash technician/makeup artist fighting to establish their lane in the broad industry. Parys Germane is determined to turn her life around from humble beginnings. Formerly a teenage mother hustling to make ends meet, Parys will do whatever it takes to leave her mark on the world. Fighti... [Read More...]

There’s No Place Like Home

A riveting rollercoaster with surprises and triumphs. College sweethearts Claire and Gary, married for decades, face challenges that lead them astray. Gary discovers his biological family, Claire grapples with identity, and their son faces premature adulthood. Can they overcome sickness, addiction, and deceit to rediscover what drew them together? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Golden Manuscripts: A Novel

A young woman of Asian/American parentage has lived in seven different countries and is anxious to find a place she could call home. An unusual sale of rare medieval manuscripts sends her and doctor-cum-art journalist on a quest into the dark world of stolen art. When their earnest search for clues whispers of old thieves and leads to the unexpected, they raise more questions about an esoteric sometimes unscrupulous art world that defy easy answers. Will this quest reward Clarissa with the sens... [Read More...]

Puffs of Enlightenment: the 420 Pot Passport

Imagine holding in your hands a passport that doesn’t just take you to new places, but unlocks new states of mind. “Puffs of Enlightenment: Poems of the Pot Passport” is your ticket to a poetic voyage wrapped in the scents and smoke of the world’s most enigmatic plant. Each page is a trip, each verse a new destination where each poem brings forth a new puff of insight, and each inhale of literature leaves you a bit more enlightened than the last. Let your imagination soa... [Read More...]

The Wrong Ballet

The place: Paris, France. The time: late May, 1913. Victor Lapin, Director of the Thtre Piccolo in the Quartier Latin of Paris, France has fallen in love with Ballets Russes and he is desperate to entice this ‘ballet phenomenon’ to perform their sensational new ballet, ‘The Rite of Spring’, in his theatre. He fails in his attempt to seek an appointment with the ballet company’s Director, Serge Diaghilev. Just as Victor is about to give up the idea as hopeless his as... [Read More...]

Free: Facing Heartbreak

When we fall in love, we never dream that one day we will be facing heartbreak. As we journey through the loss of a great love, there are a myriad of feelings that we experience. This book shares my own journey of moving through heartbreak and the possible loss of the one I love most of all. However, even in our heartbreak, there is the possibility of healing, and making peace with the ones we love. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

My Irish Dog

Spencer embarks on a journey to Ireland, desperate that the short vacation will somehow provide the answers to his inner turmoil. Little does he know that a chance encounter with a lost dog named Shandy will set in motion a series of extraordinary events. Spencer is soon propelled into a world where reality becomes distorted, finding himself entangled in a web of enigmatic situations. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]