Disclosure Protocol

Disclosure Protocol

Operations manual for the Office of the Absolute Director of, devised and redacted for the use of potential recruits for the Disclosure Protocol initiative.

As a recruit for the ABDO (Absolute Director Of), an appointed Officer in charge of all things relating to the Disclosure Program, this includes: aerial phenomena, top-secret programs, specialized retrieval teams, ancient technology, time-travel, top-secret test facilities, biological entities and NEI (non-Earth intelligences). The mandate of each recruit is to determine the best course of action in order to proceed or prevent the release of information pertaining to the visitation of beings and technology to our world. Recruits have absolute clearance to enact any program, possessing clearances in all departments above all officials including the President of the United States.

The Office of the ABDO is far-reaching and has appointed Officers in Russia, Brazil, China, Europe, South Africa, Australia and Japan. As the sole American Officer your mandate extends broadly across all regions. The goal of recruits is to carefully bridge those that will use the Disclosure Program for their own benefit and those that might want it for nefarious means. This mandate doesn’t just cover what goes on locally; outside forces (non-Earth intelligence’s) that, for whatever reason, have their own agendas are considered as a threat to national security. It is up to the individual recruit to both persuade and assuage any and all influences that might change or cause panic, drive economies into another recession or evolve our civilization where it is not yet ready to accept and the fear and trepidation that comes with such a paradigm as world-changing as Disclosure. $2.99 on Kindle.

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