Shadows on the Walls: The Monsters Among Us

Shadows on the Walls: The Monsters Among Us

A Million Shadows Paralyze Those Who Were Naïve Enough to Let Their Guards Down. Now, the Monsters Are Back With a Vengeance…

No man, woman, or child is safe.

It had been decades since monsters prowled the lands. And felt like forever since Ed set off into their haven to destroy them and all of their ilk. Though Ed never returned, it was a necessary sacrifice to end the monsters’ heinous reign.

Now, they’re back. And Finn and Tanner are forced to set aside their differences to help the others take their kingdom back from the grip of the monsters that have returned to haunt them.

Chaos ruled and hope was nowhere in sight. All seemed to point towards the end. But Finn and Tanner refuse to resign to this fate.

They have to keep trying. They have to save the kingdom and all who inhabit it. They can’t let their people down.

Will they succeed? $3.99 on Kindle.

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