Free: My PURPOSE is GREATER Than My Struggles

My PURPOSE is GREATER than my struggles
Are you looking for encouragement that would push you more towards your lifetime goals?

Have you ever found yourself going sideways and getting our of the straight path you were into for years?

Would you like to rebuild your faith, find your true goals, passion, and important lessons on how to do it?

If you answered “Yes“ to at least one of these questions, then keep reading…

It doesn‘t matter whether you believe in God or not, you don‘t have the right to wake up in the morning just wanting to exist. A lot of people these days struggle with finding their purpose in life and taking action to achieve their goals. More often than not, people tend to think that if they believe in God, everything is going to happen automatically.

Jesus has always told us to follow the direction that God gives, and we will never be lost in our life path, but he never told us that he is going to do everything for us.

Here is just a short brief of what you are going to learn out of this book:

4 most important struggles people must overcome
Many problems – one solution
How can belief in God help you find your purpose in life?
8 purpose-driven principles you should follow
Why is an “INSIDE JOB“so important?
Much much more…

Always follow the voice of the Lord; never follow the applause of the people – this book will teach you very valuable lessons that would lead you throughout your entire life.

Now it is your turn to take action and dive deep into this book! Free on Kindle.

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