The Price of Friendship

The Price of Friendship

Chad Baker didn’t know he was in love.

At the end of his eighth-grade year he knew Amy Snider was his good friend and there was no one he would rather spend time with. But, was she his girlfriend?

He hadn’t really considered it until the day the mysterious boy, Derrick, told Chad to betray her into his hands so he could take her away.

It began with a borrowed hand-held game player and resulted in an inter-dimensional hunt to determine the Price of Friendship.

Before Chad could stop him, Derrick took his friend, Amy, through a dimensional portal to another world. Now, it is his responsibility to pay the price for her friendship, search the dimensions, and bring her back. In the process, he will learn more about himself, his family’s ancient roots, and his personal destiny. $0.99 on buy now

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