Crushing on Best Friend’s Sister

Crushing on Best Friend's Sister
I was set to marry Steven, but I knew, something wasn’t right. I was going to go ahead.

Marriage was on my mind, and it was only few hours away.
I had a decision to make, that would change everything.
Steven was sweet, kind, handsome, everything that a girl could want.
But something was missing…

Now Jesse was back and everything was changing.
His lips were so demanding and I was losing control of everything.”
He ignored my desire for him and pushed me aside.
He was always the man in the back of my mind.

His charm was being used on me.
He was a walking disaster if he got too close.
And he got too close.
Way too close and now I was on fire.
I wanted to tell him to stay, but I couldn’t get it out.
He had a girlfriend. And I had a fiance.
He was my brother’s best friend.

Was the chemistry of what I had with Jesse, enough to throw away all of my plans for the last year?
Jesse was, danger and risk. So why was I dying to get closer? $0.99 on Kindle
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