Spiritual Energy and You: Your Voyage Through Eternity

Are You Ready to Transform Spiritually?
Expand your concept of Spiritual Energy and discover your inner spirit and life’s purpose.

You are a spiritual being with free will, and you manifest your own spiritual future. But how do you do that? How do you take control of your life?
Whether you consider yourself spiritual or religious, you are a child of the Universe. Your very essence is spiritual energy. But we have forgotten we are one with the Universe. When we immerse ourselves in the physical world, we disconnect from our true selves. To rediscover joy, love, and inner peace, we must remember who we are.

Within the pages of Spiritual Energy and You, you’ll take a journey with Walter Broach, from the beginning of the Universe to the present day and beyond. Using his doctorate in Metaphysics and forty years of experience teaching metaphysical techniques, Walter gives a roadmap to a happier and healthier way for you to find love and joy in this life and the next.

Spiritual Energy and You will help you better understand yourself, strengthen your beliefs, and help you improve your life, both this one and the next one. This book is a must-read. $9.99 on Kindle.
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