Traveler Between Worlds

Traveler Between Worlds

This awe-inspiring odyssey transcends the boundaries of time, culture, and the human spirit. Jo describes her participation in VETS (Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions) programs as she experiences the healing power of plant and animal medicines in Mexico. She writes about being a Sundancer on the Lakota and Menominee reservations. Her clear narrative delves deep into the portals of consciousness and realms of the sacred.

Amidst the chaos of war and the aftermath of conflict, Jo shares stories of her work and life in Kurdistan after the invasion of Daesh/ISIS, and her deployment on HKIA Military base in Afghanistan.These chapters provide a stark contrast to her work and travel in the peaceful countries of Malta, Nepal, New Zealand and Thailand.

In this riveting memoir, Jo’s life path unfolds as a kaleidoscope of profound encounters as she seeks answers to her life’s purpose while navigating the grief of losing her son, and others close to her.

From remote Alaska to remote Australia, to the mountains of China with the Shaolin, “Traveler Between Worlds” offers a unique glimpse into the character of courageous individuals and mysterious landscapes.

Join Jo in “Traveler Between Worlds” which serves as a companion to her first book, “Traveling Off the X” and her poetry book, “CLASH-Poems From Conflict Zones” by Jo Patti. Artwork by Denali Schmidt. $9.50 on Kindle.
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