Knight on Time

Sir Donnavinne of Tripoli had fought his way through the holy land and lived through some of the most brutal battles of the Second Crusade, but none of that prepared him for the strange place he now found himself. Nothing appeared as it should in this world since his chance encounter with the powerful, ancient, and imprisoned being in the cavern. Case in point, the roaring metal stallion balanced on two shining wheels that bared down on him.and mounted by a woman nonetheless; a fair maiden to be true, and looking gallant in a black leather tunic, but still… He now knew for certain that any ties to his displaced time had been severed.

After surviving the greatest battle of the Crusades, one that changes everything in the Holy Lands, this crusader knight finds himself flung into an unrecognizable, embattled Israel by Haj, a self-described, all-knowing jinn. An unplanned journey he would not have thought possible and one that places him on a collision course with a distant relative of his greatest rival.

Al-Aziz Ayyub Saladin longs for the empire of his ancestors, a dynasty with himself at its head, of course. An Egyptian millionaire in the shipping industry, he has secretly planned and funded a path to that end and is gambling all to achieve it. Once his plan went into motion, the entire Muslim world would embrace it and change, a tsunami that no one could or would be allowed to hold back.

If Saladin is allowed to succeed, and a collection of new friends using brain and brawn cannot stop him, millions will clash and die in the holy wars that follow.

Approx 67,000 words. $2.99 on Kindle.
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