Lincoln’s Touch: Lincoln’s Ghetto Series Book 1

Lincoln's Touch: Lincoln's Ghetto Series Book 1

Book 1 and it’s prequel, set you up with an historical journey that leads to a suspenseful modern-day complex web of deceit and greed with gripping perils of thrilling danger for all parties.

1977 Chicago Illinois – The suicide of a high level official in the Chicago Catholic Archdiocese reveals a Last Will and Testament left by former President Abraham Lincoln, benefitting his descendants +1,000,000 acres of land in Central Illinois. The Lincoln Will stipulates that the benefactor must give 1/4 of the land to an African-American or Native-American as reparations before it can be fully actualized. The Archbishop of the Archdiocese sees this as a bounty for the Catholic Church. With the approval of a corrupt Vatican official, he gets the green light of assistance by the Chicago Mob and a dirty Chicago lawyer (villain) to seize the Will. This lawyer is connected to the Lincoln legacy but has been cut out of the Will. He sees this as his opportunity to seize the bounty for himself. They all conspire an evil plot to get the land and power for the Church, the State of Illinois and the Mob at any cost.

At the time of the suicide, an African-American law student at Northwestern University, is contacted by his rambunctious sons elementary school principal for bad behavior. The father is pulled from his law classes to come to the school to discuss with the principal. His law professor (the villain), enjoys picking on the minorities in the law program. Given the boy’s history and living situation, Social Services is called in to discuss other options for the boy. The mother/wife is addicted to drugs and alcohol and cannot cope with kid drama. After a horrible fight between the father and mother over her drug abuse, the father walks out on the family in frustration. The scheme to capture the Will is underway lead by the law professor.

The father and young boy separate but have in-ate and un-canny abilities to reason and problem solve, especially in difficult situations. They will need every ounce of these abilities if they are to survive in Lincoln’s Ghetto. $0.99 on Kindle.
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