Number Ones: A Collection of Billionaire Romances

Number Ones: A Collection of Billionaire Romances
For the first time ever, download three billionaire books from Nicole French’s bestselling trilogies plus a bonus FIVE CHAPTERS from her 2024 release!

Inside Number Ones, discover three domineering alpha heroes who will stop at nothing as they chase the woman they love.

Legally Yours: Skylar Crosby has a plan: finish law school, get a job, and stay away from men like Brandon Sterling. Cocky, overbearing, and richer than God, he thinks the world belonds to him, and that includes his new intern. Unfortunately, Skylar doesn’t make anything easy, and that means this billionaire has his work cut out for him if he wants to win her over.

The Hate Vow: To keep his fortune, billinaire Eric de Vries must take a wife. The only problem? His chosen bride (and ex-girlfriend) hates his guts. Quirky and outspoken, Jane Lee is the last person who would fit into Eric’s posh Upper Eastside world. But sticking it to his family is exactly what this rogue heir wants. Will twenty million dollars be enough to convince Jane to help his cause? Or will these two find that the hate they thought they shared is closer to love after all?

The Other Man: Attorney Matthew Zola had been looking for Nina Astor for months. Ever since they shared one red-hot night and she disappeared into the city. Now she’s back and beyond off-limits. Heiress to the powerful de Vries fortune and married to the subject of Matthew’s criminal investigation. To save her from this monster, he might have to sell his soul to the devil himself. Truth be told…maybe he already has.

Coming soon… Please enjoy an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of Nicole’s next billionaire romance! This includes the first five chapters of Joni’s story, a roommates-to-lovers, fake relationship, grumpy-sunshine romance. $2.99 on Kindle.
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