Free: Distorted Prophecy

Distorted Prophecy

With school finally over and done with, Dominique’s biggest concern is escaping the unrealistic expectations of her mother’s live-in boyfriend by trading in the boring streets of her rural town for someplace more exciting. Finding a note from the father who’d abandoned her ten years prior, her curiosity accidentally opens an interdimensional portal that sucks her and her friends into another world; one that is more fantasy than reality.

Escaping imprisonment with a runaway heir, Dominique sets out on a quest to find an infamous Archmage linked to a prophecy destined to destroy the realm. Charging across a kingdom broken by civil unrest, the group must thwart dark elven slave traders, beautiful light elven assassins, and magical creatures who suck their victims into deadly phantasms. As dark powers manifest, Dominique discovers more than she ever wanted to know about her father…triggering the prophecy’s long foretold destruction.

The Vessel has awoken… Free on Kindle.
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