Finding The Lost Dutchman’s Gold

1860s America. Jacob Waltz known as the “Dutchman” to many has come to America from Germany to find his fortune. He is a miner by trade and has been told of unknown riches in America. After traveling the country searching for gold for over a year he ends up in the Superstition mountains. in Phoenix Arizona There, inside a small crevasse that Jacob could barely squeeze through, was more gold than his brain could recognize and process. When Jacob takes the gold into town the local thieves, bums, and scalowags take note They see Jacob is spending lots of cash around town and decide to follow him to his mine. They want the location of the mine and are willing to kill him if they have to. Two of the crooks beat him up looking for a map or gold. They beat him almost to death. Fortunately for Jacob, the next morning the Colonel and his eight “Protectors” find Jacob and start nursing him back to health. The “Protectors” possess very specialized skills and abilities and could wipe out small-town populations if they desired. Their fighting skills are second to none and they use them on this adventure. The story unlocks secrets upon secrets. Follow Joe Bryant and John Hawkins as they travel and unlock secrets as well. $6.97 on Kindle.
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