Have you ever learned more from someone in ten days than you did during their entire lifetime? What if that person was your father as he battled Alzheimer’s during a global pandemic?

Within four years of his Alzheimer’s diagnosis, my dad could no longer drive, cook, or take his medications. When the dementia demons took over, he couldn’t stay in his home, either.

He spent ten unforgettable days with my family prior to moving into assisted living, and eventually a nursing home. Over the course of eighteen months, we shared more than 200 meals and 600 cups of coffee, during which time I got to know him—and myself—better than at any point in our lives.

During the darkest days of COVID-19 and my dad’s Alzheimer’s, his memory, dignity, and, ultimately, his life were stolen from him. So how did I find purpose, passion, and peace in my life?

Ten Days with Dad is a story about family, progress, personal growth, and healing, born out of a terrible disease and a once-in-a-century global pandemic.

• Is dealing with a personal tragedy or caring for a loved one crushing your physical, emotional, and mental mindset?

• Do you let past regrets, grudges, excuses, and self-imposed limitations prevent you from achieving your goals, forging meaningful relationships, or finding inner peace?

• What obstacles, perceived or otherwise, are preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself?

• Are you looking for practical and effective routines to build better habits, improve your mindset, and transform your priorities?

• How can you find purpose, passion, and personal fulfillment in your life right now?

Get motivated to wake up each day a little happier and more grateful than the day before, and a lot more fulfilled in the buckets of your life that matter most.
Allow my story to be your inspiration to pursue your passion and find purpose and fulfillment in your life.
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