Next-Door Bikers Secret

Next-Door Bikers Secret
I just got fired and dumped all in one day. Sounds bad, right? Just wait. Four weeks later…a routine check up with my gyno reveals that I’m pregnant.

As if life isn’t “exciting” enough for me…? I have to pick now of all times to remember how hot my next door neighbor is.
Luca Emerson likes to work on his bikes, shirtless, in his front yard? With all of those glorious, sweaty, tattooed on full display to tempt me? We hooked up once before, and I told myself it would never happen again? Especially not now. I’m pregnant.
But since I am having the worst few months of my life… Surely no one can blame me for indulging in him just a little more.
If we keep it casual, he doesn’t need to know I’m pregnant, right? $0.99 on Kindle.
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