Fixing The Future

Fixing The Future
Fixing love is my business, but having love? Not a chance.
Being a relationship counselor gives me very little hope that if these people can’t figure it out, I sure as heck can’t.
So instead of working on my own love life, I help conflicted lovers, lost lovers, and crazy ex-lovers find love again.
But finding love is like digging a see-through needle out of a haystack.
And there’s a hiccup I’ve not run across before though.
And my number one rule is about to be destroyed. I can just sense it.
No dating clients. Period.
But my latest customer is a mystery. He refuses to turn on his webcam during our sessions.
He blames it on being famous. Something about him makes me want to know more. Lots more.
I get my chance when he sends me a message after one of our sessions to fly out and meet him in Nashville. I can’t say no.
The catch?
He didn’t send the message.
The silver lining?
Going might be just what fixes my own future for good.
Look out love… here I come.
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