Eye of the Moon Series

In this award-winning American Gothic series, the peculiar death of a legendary socialite embarks her nephew and his childhood friend on a journey into Egyptian occultism, the supernatural, and a puzzling mystery where not everyone wants the truth revealed.

Book One, “Eye of the Moon” (and its Latin American Spanish literary translation, “El ojo de la luna”) introduces the reader to Johnny and Percy, two men who grew up as brothers but became estranged over a business deal gone mysteriously sour. Johnny shows up at Percy’s hotel with an invitation to an anniversary house party at the family’s upstate New York estate and an unexpected plea for help that Percy can’t refuse. There, they investigate potential murder, discover multigenerational intrigue, and experience the supernatural. Both must unravel strange happenings, hidden agendas, secrets within secrets, and match wits with all sorts of fascinating characters, both living and otherwise.

Book Two, “Shadow of the Son”, introduces the reader to the infamous Lord Bromley, the former husband of the legendary socialite, Lady Alice, as he tries to take ownership of Rhinebeck through a series of cunning machinations. Joined by newfound friends and unexpected allies, Percy must parry Lord Bromley’s attack and preserve his benefactor’s legacy.

This is a magical journey into love, betrayal, redemption, forgiveness, and the consequences of broken promises. Fans of “Eye of the Moon” will be delighted to return to the opulent and seductive world of Rhinebeck, where nothing is what it seems.

“ ‘Eye of the Moon’ is a haunting tale of family secrets and gothic dread. The author paints a story of an aristocratic house party in which not all of the guests are of this world. Filled with hidden motives, mysterious relics, and sinister unknowns, ‘Eye of the Moon’ evokes the drama of ‘Dynasty’ with the atmosphere of Manderley.” -Jennifer Whitman, Professional Bookseller, Barnes & Noble

“Obolensky conjures a remarkably imaginative tale, seamlessly juxtaposing the quotidian and the magical in a way that renders the latter mesmerizingly plausible. Johnny and Percy’s headlong march into the occult world that may have destroyed Alice is shockingly unadvisable and yet seems to make sense all the same… the story as a whole remains a transfixing one, ingeniously constructed… an engrossing tale of mystery and magic.” -Kirkus Reviews

“Worth the wait! In ‘Shadow of the Son’, Obolensky has crafted a novel with complicated characters struggling with the deep themes of love, forgiveness, time and connection. A sequel to his first novel, ‘Eye of the Moon’ (a must read!), he yet again creates a taut, dramatic and chilling atmosphere… all taking place over a weekend in a fabulous estate located in Rhinebeck—which harkens back to the addictive mysteries of Agatha Christie. As a murder mystery fanatic, I love Obolensky’s narrative style, which challenges the reader to think about life after death, ghosts and the supernatural… and ultimately the pain of love lost and the price of forgiveness.” -Laura Harrison, Publicity Consultant, Bradley Communications Corp.

“ ‘Eye of the Moon’ is a page-turner that weaves together stories and characters that will leave you wanting more. That’s exactly what happened with the sequel, ‘Shadow of the Son’, which does not disappoint! I was literally up till 2 am for three nights. Set in historic Rhinebeck NY, two young men brought up as brothers pick up from the first novel and plan for a weekend of uninvited guests, aristocratic entanglements, paranormal visions, magical potions, and a sequence of events that kept my head spinning. Ivan Obolensky is a master wordsmith and storyteller. I left, still wanting more.” -Jane Ubell-Meyer, Founder, Bedside Reading $0.99 each on Kindle

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