Free: Tobacco Rose

Tobacco Rose

South Georgia 1955. Racial tensions lead to riots in the South. An old black woman named Rosie and a young white girl called Clementine are in danger of losing their lives in a flood. Caught up in swirling waters teeming with moccasins, dead animal carcasses and debris, they must get to higher ground to survive. During the long frightful night of the flood, Rosie takes Clementine on a mental journey as she tells the heart-wrenching tale of Quetta, her Gullah/Geechee ancestor who was kidnapped and brought to America on a slave-trading ship in the late 1700s. A lifelong friendship is formed in this unlikely pair, and a thirst for knowledge and an appreciation of life is instilled in a young girl who wished only to hurry through life and grow up. Free on Kindle.

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