The Candyman’s Tale

The Candyman's Tale

The story of the birth of the drug trade in New York City, in two small communities in the Borough of Queens: the very white Cambria Heights, and the very black Saint Albans. Four your men, steeped in poverty, have big dreams, sell weed across the big avenue in Cambria Heights. Their plans skyrocket, the weed is sold, kids are hooked, and this leads to severe unintended consequences….an outraged group of citizens, corrupt cops, and organized crime. In the middle of all this, a black family tries to move into Cambria Heights, triggering a white flight, and a stunning confrontation between new arrivals and old timers. The shattering climax, as the four young men face the ultimate challenge will shake and startle you, leaving a long memory of the story well after the last page has been turned. $3.99 on Kindle.

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