Chicago Lightning

Chicago Lightning

Valentine’s Day 1929 – Chicago

Ceara Galloway realizes she’s made the biggest mistake of her life in getting married. Her mobster husband, Eddie “The Roach” Rocchelli, has shown his true colors and hair-trigger temper in a beating that nearly kills her. She’s got to get away to survive. In a daring scheme to expose Eddie’s under-the-table bootlegging operation to the authorities, she steals the proof she needs and contacts J. Edgar Hoover.

Hagen Kane is the hand-picked one-man cavalry the Bureau Chief sends to rescue Ceara in a do-or-die mission. Kane infiltrates Rocchelli’s gang as an auto mechanic and walks a razor-thin line knowing at any moment his cover could be blown.

They make a break for it, both realizing their plan has become more complicated—they’ve fallen in love. Escape has suddenly become more important than ever, now that there’s something to live for. $2.99 on Kindle.

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