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Growing Up Aimi Series
Prepare to rediscover the value of friendship when family lets you down, the benefits of teachers even when they are not around and the meaning of sacrifice when nothing else will suffice.

Follow along in this true-to-life series as Aimi meets the challenges of growing up.. No magic, no time-travel, no fantastical beasts. Just good clean storytelling.

The Giant Forest – Aimi and her friends are each lost. To return home they must find themselves and find one another before they can find their way home all the while also overcoming ‘giants’ that have plagued them throughout their lost experience.

A Giant Forest = a really big forest … Or … a forest with giants? Or both?

Only the reader knows.

The Heliuna Academy – In this frame narrative, Aimi is on a peace corps mission in the deepest jungles of India.

Her first priority is the safety of the children she came to serve. Her second is to teach them to love to read. Aimi reads a story from her past that is relevant to the day-to-day struggles her students are facing in the present.

Can Aimi and her friends learn why their beloved teachers have gone missing? Can they stop the tides of change? What will happen to the children in the jungle home in India?

Only the reader knows.

The LoGlas Theater – A few moments shy of putting a wrap on the last performance The Rose and the Thorn, a unique take on Beauty & the Beast written by junior higher, Aimi Wilby, the key player, an exchange student from the foothills near Bran Castle home to the legend of Dracula goes missing.

Can Aimi find her and convince her to return? What will happen if she returns and is required to go back to her home in Transylvania?

Only the reader knows. Free to $2.99 on Kindle.

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