Free: Medley of Treason

Medley of Treason
Trust no one. Betrayal runs rampant, self-serving and self-righteous alike.

Lonewolf, a man of dubious ethics, uses his cunning to bring his vision of ultimate power closer to fruition when he aligns himself with Neighraellium and the Overlords to take over a country.

In opposition, Laelliandir, whose entire world has been turned upside down after he witnesses the murder of his father and experiences twisted justice that lets the perpetrators go free and forces his mother to marry one of the fiends responsible.

From disbelief, springs a rebellion that pits one, driven by revenge and injustice against the other, motivated by greed and curiosity. In a treacherous game of deceit and trickery, where even the virtuous scheme to betray, a medley of treason ensues. With victory but a heartbeat away for both sides, the devious Lonewolf’s and honorable Laelliandir’s clash will determine the fate of a nation.

Who will win in this game of wits and at what cost? Free on Kindle.

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