Suggesting Murder

Suggesting Murder

When Ian Maloney casually killed his former boss, and then jumped from the roof of their office building to his death, it seemed like the stress of his job had become too much and he had snapped.

For investigator Adam Kelly it is a perplexing mystery, made even more so as the killer had left three letters at the scene, scrawled in his victim’s blood. But when a colleague tells him that he had worked on a strikingly similar case some months before, Adam is intrigued. And when he learns that the same three letters had been left at that scene it enhances his interest even further.

So, when 28-year-old salesman Shane Kirk’s best friend Peter also kills, apparently without motive, and then commits suicide, the detective finds yet another link to his investigations.

Could it be that a serial killer is on the loose, killing by proxy and leaving little trace of his activities? It’s certainly a possibility, but what, if anything, is the link to Shane Kirk? And what is the significance of the three letters, IDB? $0.99 on Kindle.

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