Free: Pink Panthers: The Greatest Thieves in the World

PINK PANTHERS: The Greatest Thieves in the World

A novel intertwining elements of “Ocean’s 11” and “The Sopranos” based on a true story of the notorious Pink Panthers, the most successful diamond robbers in history. As a powerful amalgam of realistic situations and crime-thriller, this story conquers and touches hearts, with its shocking family, war, and political drama displayed through brisque dialogues, dark humor, effectively-positioned turnovers, and flashbacks. Through constant dynamics, action, turnover, and surprise effects, a reader is thrilled with tension and excitement all the way to the end. This quality and intriguing story will render you speechless with its colorful review of the criminal world in its intertwining with the world of corporative and political elites, making the subject of this novel more and more relevant and actual in the contemporary world…Free on Kindle.

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