Wild About Her

Wild About Her
An older man younger curvy woman short romance from Sara Hazel

I’ve seen beauty in my life,
but nothing like her.
She’s sweet,
and real. The kind of real
I’ve been searching for.
I’m going to prove to her in one night
why I’m the man for her.
She’s my future wife
and I intend to make that happen
sooner rather than later.

The billionaire William Harper
wants to spend time with me.
I can’t believe it
and I’m not entirely sure
what his intentions are,
but the intensity in his eyes
when he looks at me
feels real and makes me shudder.
He says he wants to be with me.
We’ve only just met tonight
but I’m already finding myself
falling hard for this man
who knows exactly what he wants—
and what he wants
is ME. $0.99 on Kindle.
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